Nutrition Consultations For Dogs & Cats

Nutrition Consult

We have many people who stop by the store to ask specific questions regarding their pet’s diet based on their individual breed and lifestyle situation.  We have found animal caregivers want to find the highest quality food that they know is the healthiest options for their cat or dog.

People are tired of all the pet food recalls and not knowing where the food is manufactured or what exactly is their furry friend’s food. But they are not sure where to start. we can help you sift through all the information on the web and ensure your pet has the best diet possible.

What is a Nutrition Consult:

A 45-minute one-on-one basic nutrition consult to review:

1. Pet’s current diet
2. Basic dog or cat health concerns
3. Review of alternative food options including raw, supplements, and treats

After the session, you will be given:

A suggested and customized healthy menu of options to feed your pet based on their specific needs.

This is a fantastic, comprehensive report. In addition to all the details about Apollo, you addressed some things I’ve been dealing with from a personal standpoint. In my own quest to heal, Apollo has been the most important factor. Your statement about pets being “little energy sponges” is spot on. From day one, I’ve noticed that his mood reflects my own. There could very well be a connection between his abscess and my own emotional state. I want to thank you for all you did for Apollo today, and let you know that all the information you provided helped me as well. So, thanks for that too. The whole experience today was enlightening. 

–Steve Stabnick


$99 per animal for a session with Dr. Jill.

Make an Appointment

To schedule a consultation for you and your furry friend(s) call (248) 548-3448. We can meet in person at our store or set up a Skype / Google Hangout video consultation if you are outside of the Metro Detroit area.


For Skype calls click here.

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Note: Follow-up appointments are 15 minutes and are $29. We will look at the food plan and adjust if necessary based on progress.

Emergency Consults

If you have an emergency with your animal or are looking for advice about a particular issue, we offer Emergency Consults at a base price of $10 with an additional charge of $1/min.