BoxieCat Air Litter Extra Strength Flexbox Bag 11.5 lb

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Your kitty will feel like they're walking on clouds with new Air premium clumping Cat Litter from BoxieCat! This light and airy scent-free litter will keep your cat's litter box fresh and easy to clean! Lightweight with powerful clumping action for easy scooping without crumbling or sticking! 60% lighter than clay for easy lifting and pouring! Quickly traps all unwanted litter odors for a fresh-smelling house! Stays clean and dry for a happy kitty! Features a plant-based biodegradable formula that is sustainable for an all-natural eco-friendly alternative to cat litter! Only made with USA-sourced ingredients. This special Extra Strength formula stops odors before they start for heavy odor producing cats! BoxieCat Air provides natural high-quality powerful clumping litter without the heavy weight of standard commercial cat litters! No Clay. Unscented. 99.9% Dust-Free. Made in USA. Hand-picked by the Pet Beastro for your kitty's health!

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