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Benefits of Raw Food for Dogs

Benefits of Raw Food for Dogs Last week, we talked about why you should feed your cat a raw diet and this week, we're back with the benefits of raw food for dogs! To outline these benefits we're going to use ANSWERS™ Detailed™ Beef Formula for Dogs as an example. This raw dog food is made with beef, beef heart, beef liver, ground beef bone, beef kidney, chicken eggs, carrots, broccoli, green squash, montmorillonite, fermented decaffeinated green tea (Kombucha), sardine oil, anchovy oil, sea salt, and natural vitamin E. Plus, it comes with a host of benefits:

Benefits of Raw Food for Cats

Benefits of Raw Food for Cats Here at The Pet Beastro, we believe strongly in feeding pets a raw diet. That's why we started our 90-Day Raw Pet Food Challenge this year with ANSWERS™ Pet Food, one of our favorite raw pet food producers. A raw diet can especially work wonders for our cats.

Give Your Pet the Turkey They Deserve

Give Your Pet the Turkey They Deserve Thanksgiving may be one of the most difficult moments to say 'no' to your pup when he is begging. The good feelings are flowing and you are feeling extra generous. Your pet deserves a holiday feast too, right? The answer is absolutely, just not from the same holiday feast prepared for their human counterparts. Cooked turkey poses many threats to our animal companions. Cooked bone alone can splinter and cause intestinal rupture to occur, but it doesn’t stop there...