Safe & Natural Cat & Dog Grooming Products

Safe & Natural Cat & Dog Grooming Products

Whether you’re looking for shampoo and conditioner, ear and teeth cleaners, or deodorizing sprays, we have everything and more here at The Pet Beastro for all of your dog and cat grooming needs! 

Types of Safe Pet Grooming Products

We offer a wide range of grooming supplies to help you find the perfect match for you and your fur-baby! Every grooming product brought into the store is carefully researched and hand-selected to ensure we have products that you can trust. They are: 

  • all-natural 
  • pet-safe 
  • Eco-friendly
  • proudly made in the USA
  • Free from harsh chemicals, synthetics, artificial additives, or perfumes
  • Most are free from soap, paraben, lauryl sulfate and phthalate-free

Many feature blends of all-natural herbs and essential oils for a gentle cleaning product. 

Types Of Pet Grooming Products

For your convenience, we offer both shampoo bottles and bars as well as travel-size shampoo wipes to provide you with high-quality grooming products for at-home bathing or bath-time on-the-go! Whether you’re bathing your pet at home or need to clean them on the go, The Pet Beastro has the perfect shampoo for you! 

Wondercide Pet Grooming Products

A fantastic shampoo bar to use when bathing your pet at home is our Wondercide Shampoo Bars! These shampoo bars are perfect for flea and tick season! Wondercide Shampoo Bars are all-natural shampoo bars that gently clean your pet while protecting them from fleas and ticks without the use of any harsh or harmful chemicals. A great alternative to commercial flea and tick medications! Wondercide Shampoo Bars utilize an all-natural blend of herbs and essential oils like citronella and geranium to naturally kill and repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other insect pests. Both kills and prevents fleas and ticks in all life stages. Neem oil gently cleans and removes bacteria for a clean and fresh-smelling pet. Added coconut oil and aloe vera also leaves your pet’s skin and coat moisturized and healthy! The recyclable paper packaging also makes this a great eco-friendly alternative to bottled shampoos! Wondercide Shampoo Bars are also paraben and sulfate-free. Pair with one of our safe and all-natural Wondercide sprays to provide extra flea and tick protection for your pet!

Nootie Pet Grooming Products

Nootie is another great company with in-home and on-the-go grooming solutions. If you are looking for convenience and a product for your to-go bag, you should check out the Nootie Shampoo Wipes! These wipes are great for travel and cleaning your pet without the mess and fuss of using a bathtub! Nootie Waterless Shampoo Wipes are the perfect way to clean and freshen up your fur-baby without bathing. And an added bonus is that they’re formulated for both dogs and cats of all ages! Nootie Wipes gently clean your pet’s coat using a gentle all-natural formula that is free from alcohol, parabens, and sulfates. Simply pull out a wipe and rub onto your pet’s coat for a clean and fresh-smelling pet! No need to rinse! Just wipe and go! Nootie Wipes are also safe to use along with topical flea and tick products. Both you and your pet will love the variety of light and lovely scents Nootie has to offer!

If you are looking for great smelling grooming products that work great and are safe to use on your cat or dog, you can visit us here for our complete dog and cat grooming product selection or stop in the store and we can point you in the right direction. 


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