February Pet Food & Treats Loyalty Program Savings For Your Cat Or Dog

February Pet Food & Treats Loyalty Program Savings For Your Cat Or Dog

We have a great lineup of natural and healthy pet food, treats, toys, and supplies in-store specials for your furever loves for February. Read more here for a full list of the goodies we have this month!

We have some great in-store offers just for you this February that we know your cat or dog will LOVE.

It’s the middle of winter when we long for sunshine. And we can barely get through the frigid nights. Daily walks with your pups are sometimes avoided to make sure they stay warm, dry, and we keep their toes from freezing. We find our cats chasing the sunshine to nap in the front picture window with the warm afternoon sun. 

West Paw Dog Toys

This month's West Paw toy specials are great for mental stimulation and indoor entertainment for your pets. The West Paw Tux toy is great for stuffing - from treats, canned food, frozen milk, pumpkin, or other options. We also like the West Paw Rumbl, Toppl, and Qwizl for stuffing and treating when you have a bored dog at home. 

Grandma Lucy’s Dog Food

Grandma Lucy’s Artisan is great because it’s easy to manipulate the texture and consistency based on the reasons you are using the food. It can be served as a topper, stuffer, treat, and even a meatball for medications or supplements. You could also pair any of the West Paw toys with Grandma Lucy’s freeze-dried food as the stuffing to keep your dog entertained. We think the smell of Grandma Lucy’s is similar to Thanksgiving dinner which is a crowd-pleaser with just about any dog. 

Primal Raw Cat & Dog Food

Primal Pronto is a great way to mix fresh food with your dog or cat's dish. These bite-sized morsels can be used as a food topper or a complete meal. Great for small dogs and cats that prefer small-sized pieces. Anytime you can add fresh food or raw food into your pet's bowl, it provides the opportunity to add moisture and nutrients from whole food sources that your pets crave.

Plato Dog Treats

Plato has their awesome Original Real Strips treats that come in six fantastic flavors. 

These are great for large breed dogs but easily snap in half to treat smaller dogs or if you need to split a treat with two pups. We are also happy to announce that Plato now has an electronic frequent buyer program that we track on your account. You can rotate between flavors but the sizes are grouped together for redemption.

Naturally Fresh Cat Litter

If you are interested in changing up your cat's litter or looking for something sustainable, look no further than Naturally Fresh walnut litter. This litter is made from 100% walnut shells, low tracking, and is great at odor control and absorption. Available in multi-cat, quick clumping, herbal attraction, and pellets based on the needs of your feline friends. 

Nature’s Blend By Dr. Marty Freeze Dried Dog Food

We love the freeze-dried Nature’s Blend by Dr. Marty. This multi-protein freeze-dried food for dogs has been a frontrunner with the pups. The morsels come in two sizes, regular and small bite. Dr. Marty’s can be used as a topper, jackpot treat, or even to fill our interactive toys. It is also a great lightweight food for traveling, flying, or camping with your pet if you need a quick and easy option. It can be served rehydrated or as is if your pup has a preference.

Earth Animal Jerky Dog Treats

Earth Animal has launched a new jerky in their treat lineup. These chicken tenders are hand-crafted, roasted, sustainably sourced, and single protein. They can be used for picky dogs or those with sensitive stomachs. Earth Animal has always been committed to natural remedies, wellness, and pure and simple pet products.

Stop by before the end of February to grab all these fan favorites for your cat and or dog! We can’t wait to see you at the store! 


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