How Are Cats & Dogs Different & The Same?

How Are Cats & Dogs Different & The Same?

Our feline friends have many differences from our canine friends when it comes to personality, attitude, behavior, health concerns, and overall needs. Read more here.

Our feline friends have many differences from our canine friends when it comes to personality, attitude, behavior, health concerns, and overall needs. Diet doesn’t vary with too many differences as both should be meat-eaters.

Dogs vs. Cats

Within the past few years, we have switched to an all-cat household. I had a cat and dog as a kid but definitely had a stronger connection with the dog than our elusive house cat. In my twenties, my first pet on my own was my Siberian Husky, Sasha. From there we had greyhounds, mutts, and an Italian greyhound. It wasn’t until my high prey drive dogs were into their senior years (and wouldn’t chase the cats) that we were able to successfully add felines to our family. We had many years of a blended cat and dog house. As our seniors have left earth’s side onto their next spiritual journey, we have now entered a new phase of a cat-only household. There are many differences and many similarities. 

How Cats Are Different From Dogs

  • Cats watch the front door from afar, no exuberant front door greeters. (Although our cats will meet us at the door when we come home from an outing).
  • Cats have a naughty streak since they can climb to higher places in your home.
  • Stoic and hide when not feeling well.
  • Prefer to be solitary.

How Cats Are Like Dogs

  • They can still hog the bed just like any dog would.
  • They are demanding about the time of day that is close to feeding time.
  • They love a structured day.
  • Our cats seek attention and affection. 

Are Cats Harder To Understand Than Dogs?

In my experience, I find that cats tend to be a bit more mysterious. They do a poor job of letting you know they don’t feel well and will instead go into hiding or avoiding the humans in the house. You have to be a diligent cat owner and I often feel like I’m a detective working a case of trying to assess what is happening. Once cats are at the stage of hiding, they can decline rather quickly. Most often, by the time they retract, they have been dealing with symptoms and just hiding it from their owner. 

Does A Cat’s Daily Routine Matter?

There are many changes that you can make within your cat’s routine, diet, and environment that can make them better roommates and improve their health.

  • Make sure they have vertical space - cat trees, wall shelves, higher places as they like elevation.
  • High moisture content foods - canned food, raw food, goat’s milk, etc. which does a great job at supporting the urinary system and keeping their kidneys healthy.
  • Leaving their carrier out in the middle of the room so they get used to the small space on their own terms. Our cats will sleep in the carrier if left out and they all load into the carrier without hesitation. This is great for vet visits or if you need to evacuate your home quickly.
  • Give them interactive play sessions with flutter or wand-type toys, interactive bowls, and other ways for them to use their curious minds.

Cat Issues That Need To Be Addressed Urgently

If your cat is experiencing any of the following symptoms, they need to see a veterinarian immediately or even emergency care - 

  • Lack of grooming, greasy hair.
  • Trying to urinate but not voiding.
  • Vomiting and lethargic.
  • Avoiding food over 48 hours.
  • Extreme weight loss over a short period of time.

I once had a veterinarian friend tell me “you can tell a dog to do something, but you have to ask a cat nicely.” And let me tell you, this saying rings true more and more each day!

Cats Make Great Human Companions

Overall, our cats give us endless amounts of entertainment. Each one has a different personality and quirkiness about them. One likes to burrow in blankets, another loves to hide behind the curtain and assault you when you walk by, another loves to hang out in the bathtub and catcall the other cats only to ambush them upon their arrival. We really have a never-ending reality show in our house that brings a great amount of laughter and joy to Louis and I. 


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