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Be Prepared For Any Emergency

Be Prepared For Any Emergency Are you ready in case of an emergency? Do you have items ready and prepared for your animals in case of an evacuation? I’m sure you are with me… too many animals, too much to think about so it goes on the back burner. This year, I’m going to make it a priority. Are you going to join me and be prepped?

Nutrient Dense Pet Food

Nutrient Dense Pet Food Some economy brands of pet food are made from lower quality ingredients with lower energy values and lower grade proteins that aren't easily absorbed. Because of this, many of the nutrients in these foods pass right through your pet's system, which means you need to dispense a larger quantity in order for your animal to receive the same amount of nutrition they'd get from a premium food, like Petcurean. The proof is in the poop: you feed less, your pet absorbs more nutrition, and you scoop less. Who doesn't love that?