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10 Benefits Of A Raw Diet

10 Benefits Of A Raw Diet A raw diet will have a positive impact on your pet’s life and health. Just like so many worthwhile life changes, the differences may not be apparent overnight, but the improvements you see in your pet’s health will start to show in a relatively short amount of time.  

Oil You Have to Do is Try!

Oil You Have to Do is Try! Ultra Oil Skin & Coat Supplement is designed to alleviate the flaky skin, itching and excessive scratching that can result from deficiencies in a pet’s diet. This special formula of nutritional oils from Hempseed, Flaxseed, Grapeseed and Fish Oil provides the Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids pets need for healthy skin and shining coat. Added daily to a pet’s diet, Ultra Oil Skin & Coat Supplement provides the proper balance of nutrients for a healthy life.

Calm Nerves & Anxiety

Calm Nerves & Anxiety The world in which we reside is getting increasingly stressful, and not just for us but for our pets, too. With this past Fourth of July some pets that have never seemed to mind the loud bangs of the fireworks are suddenly shaken. We find the most frustrating part of having an anxious animal on your hands is that they are often quite misunderstood. With some simple supplements you can help them recover from a bout of anxiousness and even prevent future outbreaks by bringing the brain back to its optimal functionality.

About Pets Global

About Pets Global As we discussed in last week's post, this month's featured food, Fussie Cat, is made by Pets Global, which is an independent pet food company with a strong passion for animal welfare. The company’s mission is to create food that is as close as nature intended, while making it reasonably convenient for busy people to use. Being independently owned gives them the freedom to create the best pet food without being hindered by corporate America.