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The Right Nutrition Supports Your Cat's Good Health

The Right Nutrition Supports Your Cat's Good Health Cat health is deteriorating faster and faster nowadays. Being that cats are obligate carnivores but are often fed processed dry cat food, they are not getting the proper nutrients that they need to thrive. Learn more about the best nutrition for your cat and the​ many health benefits to feeding your cat a more species appropriate diet.

Why Is Nutrition Important?

Why Is Nutrition Important? We've all heard the phrase 'you are what you eat.' And it's true, good nutrition provides a base for the body to build upon. Without a good, healthy diet our bodies do not get the vital nutrients necessary to support its function and prevent disease.

Petcurean Has the Right Recipe

Petcurean Has the Right Recipe What puts Petcurean premium-quality recipes at the head of the pack? Driven by the desire to provide their pets with the best quality and level of care, two good friends founded Petcurean to answer the need they saw to feed their pets as well as they do their own families. They strive to only provide nutrient-rich food so cats and dogs get the most of their lives with us.

WERUVA - 'People Food for Pets'

WERUVA - 'People Food for Pets' WERUVA founders Stacie and David Forman were inspired by their three rescued cats, Webster, Rudi, and Vanessa, to create a cat food that they would feel comfortable feeding to their own pets. WERUVA uses base proteins of chicken, beef, and fish and includes only top-quality meat. Add fresh vegetables and other unique ingredients like tilapia and calamari and you end up with a meal that is perfect for your pet. WERUVA pet foods are low-carb and low-fat with a low-ash content. And the proteins used in their products are always fit for human consumption.