Meet Emily, Retail Sales Associate!

Meet Emily, Retail Sales Associate!

Emily's favorite The Pet Beastro product is the Kitty Gut. This supplement has changed my senior cat's life for the better. Learn more about Emily!

At The Pet Beastro, we're fortunate to have an amazing team dedicated to providing exceptional service to our pawstomers. Today, we'd like to introduce you to Emily, one of our enthusiastic team members who brings a wealth of knowledge and a genuine love for pets to her role.

Why The Pet Beastro?

Emily joined The Pet Beastro in July of 2022 and has quickly become an integral part of our small business family. As a former customer, Emily was drawn to our store's personalized and rewarding experience. When life presented her with new opportunities, she decided to take a chance and join us on this exciting journey.

What Makes Working at The Pet Beastro Satisfying?

One of Emily's favorite aspects of working at The Pet Beastro is the connection she builds with customers. Having worked in various retail positions before, she finds the interactions at our store incredibly fulfilling. Whether recommending the best products for customers' furry friends or engaging in meaningful conversations, she truly enjoys positively impacting pet owners' lives.

Through her time at The Pet Beastro, Emily has learned that the world of pet care is ever-evolving. She constantly expands her knowledge, from ongoing training sessions to firsthand experiences and insightful conversations with customers. Emily takes pride in staying updated with the latest tips, tricks, and industry trends, ensuring that she can provide the best advice and assistance to our valued clientele.

Her Favorite Pet Beastro Product

When it comes to her favorite product at The Pet Beastro, Emily's passion revolves around her own beloved feline companion, Leo. She enthusiastically recommends Kitty Gut, a supplement that has worked wonders for her senior cat's digestive health. Leo had struggled with stool issues for years, but his quality of life improved dramatically after incorporating Kitty Gut into his routine. Additionally, Emily praises Savage Cat's raw food, which, when combined with Kitty Gut, has made Leo healthier than ever.

Advice For Pet Parents

Emily's dedication to pet welfare extends beyond her work at The Pet Beastro. As a pet parent, she understands the importance of making informed decisions regarding pet nutrition. Having lived through the dog food crisis of the late 2000s, she learned firsthand that not all pet foods are created equal. Her best advice to dog and cat parents is to prioritize feeding high-quality, nutritious meals to their furry companions. Like humans, pets benefit from a diet that enhances their well-being and helps prevent future health issues.

Life As a Pet Parent

At home, Emily shares her life with an adorable feline friend named Leo. Leo's journey began in 2007 when Emily stumbled upon him standing in the middle of a busy street while walking her large rottweiler. Unfazed by the dog's presence, Leo followed them home and even marked his territory by peeing in a flowerpot. This fateful encounter led to a unique bond, and Leo transitioned from an outdoor cat to a cherished indoor family member. With his striking gray and white coat adorned with black spots and stripes, Leo resembles a miniature snow leopard. He's not only large in weight but also in length, comfortably occupying an entire loveseat. Leo's favorite indulgences include crunchy cat treats and interactive playtime with his felt wand toy. But beware, it's definitely a trap if he rolls onto his back, inviting belly rubs!

Emily's Hobbies

When Emily isn't busy assisting pet owners or spending time with Leo, she indulges in captivating hobbies. She is a self-proclaimed horror movie aficionado, relishing serious scares and the absurdity of campy B-movies. Monster movies are special in her heart among her favorite subgenres, encompassing creatures like vampires, werewolves, zombies, and even sharks in tornadoes.

Around six or seven years ago, Emily stumbled upon the captivating world of anime and manga. Though she arrived late to the scene, she has since immersed herself in this captivating art form. Fairy Tail ranks as her top pick, and currently, she's engrossed in the My Hero Academia manga series, eagerly following the heroic adventures within its pages.

With a collector's spirit, Emily has amassed an impressive collection of over 400 Pop! Vinyl figures spanning multiple genres. From horror icons and WWE superstars to anime characters and beloved franchises like Supernatural, Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Teen Titans, and The Walking Dead, her collection showcases her diverse interests and pop culture enthusiasm. Beware of stepping into her domain; an army of collectibles might surround you!

Beyond her love for pets and pop culture, Emily enjoys attending comic conventions and relishing the nostalgia of '80s hair metal reunion concerts. Regarding culinary preferences, she leans towards chicken over steak and has a strong aversion to diet soda and energy drinks, preferring to stay thirsty. However, potatoes would be her delectable selection if she had to choose one food to sustain her for a lifetime.

We're thrilled to have Emily on our team at The Pet Beastro. Her dedication, knowledge, and genuine passion for pets make her an invaluable asset. Whether providing expert guidance on pet nutrition or sharing a conversation about the latest horror flick, Emily's commitment to customer satisfaction shines through. Stop by our retail location in Madison Heights, Michigan, just north of Detroit, which is open Monday through Saturday, 10:00 am - 8:00 pm, and Sundays from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, and say hello to Emily and experience her warm and welcoming nature.


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