Case Study: My Experience with Raw Feeding. How Small Changes Can Help Your Cat or Dog Feel Healthier.

Case Study: My Experience with Raw Feeding. How Small Changes Can Help Your Cat or Dog Feel Healthier.

After small changes in diet and the addition of raw feeding, the animals’ moods have greatly improved. They are more eager to interact with people and seek attention actively.

I wasn’t familiar with raw feeding before having it be part of my training while working at The Pet Beastro. I knew that some people did it, but not much more than that. I wasn’t opposed to feeding raw, either. Having access to good-quality options was simply a perk at first.

I began feeding bits of raw food to my pets after I had the chance to take samples home to them. To clarify, I live at home with my parents while I’m finishing my last semester of college. We own two dogs and a cat. I wasn’t very heavily involved with them until I had the knowledge to try making a positive difference for their nutrition.

I currently feed the Northwest Naturals freeze-dried raw to my pets, as a topper for their kibble or the occasional treat. After swapping their kibble for a more holistically-sourced option and introducing the raw, I saw a difference in the moods of my animals. The cat, long overweight with matted fur in areas she couldn’t reach, immediately saw improvement. I was able to brush out her fur and continue to fix some of the damage done by her previous poor diet. Her mood has greatly improved, as she’s more eager to interact with people and seeks attention actively. The dogs now pay much more attention to me when I’m not speaking commands. They follow me to check if I’m going for treats, will investigate any bag I’m holding, and even my spoken commands carry more weight with them because they took to the raw food very quickly. I’m actually able to calm down my very active younger dog, if he’s getting too rowdy, with the promise of a beef nugget or two. 

I often say health is about little improvements over time rather than trying to overhaul your entire lifestyle all at once. By changing just a couple things about what I feed my pets, I was able to make them a lot happier, and I was even able to address one of my dogs’ allergies with it. Even if I’m not the primary caretaker of these animals, being able to make that positive change and put my parent’s feet in the door to better quality care makes me feel like I was able to do some good for them.

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