Sunny June In-Store Pet Food & Treats Specials

Sunny June In-Store  Pet Food & Treats Specials

It's summertime and we have some great natural pet food, toy, and treat in-store specials for you. Now is the time to stop on and get a great deal for your cat or dog.

This year is just flying by and summertime has just arrived! If you want to be technical, we have a few more weeks for the official start but I feel once we are past the end of May we have reached summer. It’s a great time to get outside with your furry friends and enjoy the sunny days, flowers in bloom, and warmer temperatures. 

Stella & Chewy’s Essential Grain-Free Dog & Cat Food

We have a new product alert with the Stella & Chewy’s line up. We now carry Stella's Essential grain-free food. This is one deal you won’t want to miss. Stella & Chewy’s over the years has launched new products to help pet parents with feeding their cats and dogs a well-rounded food with high-quality ingredients. For the month of June, you can save $10.00 on the Stella’s Essentials 25 lb bag PLUS get a 3 lb frozen dog food FREE (excludes exotic proteins). Frozen food is valued at up to $24.99. At The Pet Beastro, we truly believe that some fresh food is better than none. This is a great way to add variety to your pet's bowl.

Open Farm Kibble Cat Food

We love Open Farm and everything they stand for from transparency to recipes, to flavor options, to ingredient sourcing. If this is something that is important to you, then look no further than Open Farm Dry Cat Food. For the month of June, their dry cat recipes are $4.00 off 4 lb bags and $8.00 off 8 lb bags. Make sure to grab an Open Farm cat stew to mix in for added benefits and moisture. 

Nature’s Logic Pet Food

Nature’s Logic has been part of The Pet Beastro since we opened our retail store. They offer something unique in that they are one of the very few foods in the pet food world that do not add synthetic vitamins, minerals, or preservatives. Nature’s Logic Pet Food formula is completely whole food sourced. We also appreciate Nature’s Logic who has a variety of flavors of dry food that extends into their canned selection and raw food options. This month if you purchase a bag of Distinction dog food, you will receive a 6 oz dehydrated bone broth for FREE. The bone broth is great for traveling, picky pets, or a great way to add moisture into the diet.

Pet Releaf Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

This is the best timing for savings on Pet Releaf full spectrum hemp oils. Pet Releaf oils are great to use this time of year with the added fireworks that make our dogs fearful. Full-spectrum hemp is great for nervousness and anxiety but it goes much further. It can be used for thunder phobia, pain, inflammation, stiffness, immune system support, and so much more. Pet Releaf also just changed their frequent buyer program to buy 5, get 1 Free. What a great way to help your cat or dog during the summer months. Stop in to save $2.00, $4.00, or $6.00 off the classic hemp oils from Pet Releaf. 

FirstMate Dog Food

FirstMate has great options for cats and dogs with their dry food, canned food, and dog treats. This month they are offering a free 12.2 oz can of dog food with any FirstMate dog food purchase. FirstMate has both grain-free and grain-friendly options based on your pup’s preference. Most of their food is all-life stage and can be used from puppy to adult to senior. However, we do have an option for puppies if you have a new furry family member. If you don’t feed canned food every day, it’s great to have some in the cabinet. Their soft pate style is great for lick mats, interactive toys, disguising or hiding medications, or use after dental surgeries. The flavor profiles have been well-liked by both cats and dogs. 

The Pet Beastro Summer Picnic Pack

Last on our list for June is The Pet Beastro Summer Picnic Pack. Another fun way to grab a box of goodies for your cat or dog. Each box is curated with fun products and a great way to try something new for your pets. This box has a value of $75.00 and you can grab one at the sale price of $29.99. That is over a 60% savings if you were to purchase every product individually. Read here to learn more about each product specially selected for our Summer Picnic Pack. 

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