Pyrethrum vs. Permethrin: Know Which Insecticides Are Safe

Pyrethrum vs. Permethrin: Know Which Insecticides Are Safe

Pyrethrum is a genus class of plants in the Chrysanthemum family, which includes the herbal plant feverfew. Pyrethrum also refers to the natural insecticide that comes from this plant species. When looking for flea treatments for your pet, don't be fooled by pyrethrum's man-made chemical replacement, permethrin. Permethrin is the synthetic version of pyrethrum that is chemically man-made to use as an insect repellent, most commonly for fleas found on dogs.

When you're searching for flea treatments to safeguard your furry friend, it's essential to understand the risks associated with some common options. One such chemical, permethrin, is often used but can significantly harm your pet's health.

Where Is Permethrin Found?

Permethrin is a synthetic chemical used in various products, such as liquids, powders, sprays, and clothing treatments. It's employed for mosquito control, indoor insect control, flea treatments, and more. Shockingly, some products labeled as organic still contain this harmful chemical.

The Impact of Permethrin

Permethrin targets insects' nervous systems, causing paralysis and, ultimately, their demise. This chemical affects humans and pets differently, as our bodies can process it more efficiently. However, it's hazardous for cats, as their slower metabolization makes it toxic to them.

Symptoms of Permethrin Exposure

Exposure to permethrin can lead to various symptoms, from skin irritation to more severe issues like nausea or tremors. In pets, it can result in symptoms such as paw flicking, drooling, or tremors.

Environmental Impact

The damage doesn't stop there. Permethrin can harm the environment by contaminating soil and water sources, posing a long-lasting risk to aquatic ecosystems.

A Safer Alternative: Pyrethrum

Given these potential dangers, it's wise to explore alternatives. One option is pyrethrum, a natural insecticide derived from the chrysanthemum family. This safe and eco-friendly choice can help protect your pets from fleas. You can even grow pyrethrum in your garden as a natural repellent. Make an infusion from the plant to use topically on your pet's coat, helping to keep pesky fleas at bay.

Prioritize Your Pet's Health

Cleaning harmful chemicals is the first step to ensuring your pets' well-being. For flea prevention, focus on bolstering your pet's immune system with products like Echinacea, Earth Animal's Internal Flea Powder, and Nature's Sunshine Garlic Capsules. A strong immune system can make your pet less appealing to pests. Moreover, consider the impact of insecticides in your yard and any mosquito control programs in your area.


Remember, our pets can't communicate their discomfort the way we can. Using chemicals like permethrin can have serious consequences for their health and could even be life-threatening. Embrace natural alternatives to promote better health and longevity for your beloved companions.

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