7 Reasons To Use Goat Milk For Cats & Dogs

7 Reasons To Use  Goat Milk For Cats & Dogs

Did you know raw milk is excellent for pets? Most dog and cat parents have been warned to never give their cat or dog milk, but that isn't always the case. There is a vast difference between what you find in our freezer at our store and what you purchase at the grocery store. Read more to find out the benefits of giving your pets raw milk.

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Raw milk is excellent for pets! Most dog and cat parents have been warned never to give their cat or dog milk as it will give them digestive issues or diarrhea. There is a vast difference between what you find in our freezer at our store and what you purchase at the grocery store. Purchasing raw milk for human consumption is illegal in the State of Michigan (and many other states). You may have bought into a cow or goat share with a local farmer that will net you the “real deal”. 

What happens with our milk at the grocery store? All milk at the grocery store has undergone a process of heated pasteurization. This process completely depletes the milk's vitamins, minerals, and naturally occurring digestive enzymes. These harsh processes no longer make it “raw milk,” leaving it hollow from nutrient depletion and can cause stomach upset for pets. 

Primal Raw Goat Milk For Cats & Dogs

At The Pet Beastro, we carry several raw milk brands, as each company offers different benefits for your pet. Primal Pet Foods is the first to come out with functional, flavored raw goat milk that cats and dogs love. This nutrient-rich milk is great for hydration and includes vitamins, minerals, probiotics, electrolytes, and no synthetic vitamins; it is gluten-free and is manufactured in the USA by certified farmers. This goat milk, once thawed, can be stored in the refrigerator, or you can refreeze it in ice cube trays or enrichment mats for additional mental stimulation on those rainy days ahead.

Boss Dog Goat Milk

Regarding nourishing your pets with raw goat milk, Boss Dog is another exceptional choice you'll find at The Pet Beastro. This goat milk goes beyond just hydration; it's like an elixir of wellness for your cats and dogs. Packed with probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, it offers many health benefits. Whether you want to promote digestion, boost immunity, or simply provide a delectable treat, Boss Dog Goat Milk has you covered. Unpasteurized and untouched by harsh processes, Boss Dog Goat Milk is as close to nature as it gets. Its nutrient-rich profile ensures your pets receive a healthy dose of goodness with every sip. Plus, it's a great source of hydration, especially on those warm, sunny days.

Green Juju Goat Milk

When it comes to providing the best hydration for your pets, look no further than Green Juju's Goat Milk. This isn't your typical grocery store milk; it's a nutrient-packed liquid treat specially designed for cats and dogs. Made with a blend of raw goat milk, it's naturally rich in probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. It's an ideal choice for maintaining hydration, promoting digestion, and supporting overall health. Unlike pasteurized milk, Green Juju Goat Milk retains all its natural goodness, making it a wholesome choice for your furry friend.

Answers Goat Milk

Answers Goat Milk is another fantastic choice for pet parents who want to give their cats and dogs a probiotic powerhouse. This raw goat milk is loaded with beneficial bacteria to support a healthy gut. It's a fantastic addition to your pet's diet to enhance digestion, boost immunity, and maintain a happy tummy. Like all the raw milk options at The Pet Beastro, it's free from the harsh processes of pasteurization and retains its nutrient-rich goodness, making it the perfect addition to your pet's mealtime routine.

7 Reasons To Use Goat Milk For Cats And Dogs

  1. Cats and dogs of all ages! - Any age pet can have goat milk. Young animals do well with goat milk as it’s the closest to mother’s milk and is known as the “universal milk”. Senior pets do well with goat milk as it helps balance nutrition and enhances meals. 
  2. Pets with pancreatitis issues - It’s a low-fat option.
  3. Pets with tummy troubles - Believe it or not, it often soothes digestive upset from diarrhea, stomach gurgling, vomiting, etc. 
  4. Fast digesting with bioavailable nutrients makes it easy for pets with diagnosed ailments to digest and absorb.
  5. Great for pets with allergies - The probiotic content can help repopulate the gut with good bacteria, helping reduce allergy symptoms. 
  6. It helps with hydration and electrolytes - and keeps your pet's urinary system healthy.
  7. Multi-pet households - Where both cats and dogs can enjoy! 

4 Ways To Serve Goat Milk In Your Pets Diet:

  1. Use it as a daily topper - This can entice and enhance your pet's bowl, helping with proper meal portions if you have a picky eater. 
  2. Feed as a small meal before bedtime - This can help satiate pets who act hungry or don’t handle a long fast from dinner time to breakfast. 
  3. Thaw and refreeze into ice cubes, treats, or interactive mats and toys - This is a great way to keep your pup entertained on a busy day with a healthy treat.  
  4. Rehydrate freeze-dried foods with goat milk instead of water - This will boost the food.

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