The Benefits Of Hemp For Cats And Dogs

The Benefits Of Hemp For Cats And Dogs

Hemp products can benefit your cat or dog with an array of issues like anxiety, seizures and more. Find out how hemp can help your pet in our blog below.

Hemp has been known to help humans with an array of issues and researchers are reporting it can also have the same benefits for cats and dogs!

Types Of Hemp

  1. Hemp seed oil is an essential fatty acid that is made by cold-pressing hemp seeds. This oil can be supportive to the brain, eyes, nervous system, skin & coat, as well as hip & joint health. When feeding raw, it can also help balance a meal. Hemp seed oil is commonly referred to as broad-spectrum. 
  2. Hemp hearts are the shelled hemp seed that is nutritionally dense and have a mild nutty flavor. These are safe to give to our pets and you may even see them listed in a pet food ingredient panel. They are high in omega-6 and omega-3.
  3. Hemp oil is extracted from aerial plant parts which are referred to as full-spectrum. This oil is a concentrated oil that is often used as a supplement for various health benefits. The chart below shows all of the different components of how full-spectrum hemp could benefit the bodies healing. 

What Are The Benefits Of Hemp?

  • Reducing anxiety
  • Cancer-fighting properties by slowing the growth of tumors 
  • Seizure management and reducing symptoms 
  • Relieves pain
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory
  • Supporting the nervous system by protecting brain cells from toxins
  • Increasing appetite & reducing nausea
  • Supporting cardiovascular health 

These benefits work together to support your dog or cat’s body as a whole; which is why giving full-spectrum hemp to your pet no can be very valuable. 

Will hemp get my pet high?

Many companies claim to be THC-free. Most often when working with a brand that offers full-spectrum hemp, they will have a minuscule amount of THC. This is necessary for the hemp oil to be fully functional within the body and for the hemp to enter the cell wall. Any brand or company can claim THC-free when their product contains less than 0.3% of THC. 

This low percentage of THC is not enough to give the “high” effect that cannabis does, therefore your pet can still consume hemp and receive all the great benefits it has to offer without any psychoactive effects.  

Hemp is currently legal in all 50 states but still has many gray areas when it comes to selling products. Thankfully, we are able to get wonderful products to our pet parents here in Michigan. 

Best Hemp Products For Cats & Dogs

The Pet Beastro offers several amazing hemp products specifically formulated for canines and felines. All of our options are based on your pet's preference and the easiest administration for the pet parent. We have oils, capsules, treats, honey, and topical salves that are all effective.

Below is a list of the brands and products offered at The Pet Beastro.

  • Pet Releaf: family-owned brand from Colorado, offers oils, capsules, treats, and a topical balm. Pet Releaf also grows their own strain of hemp for their products, PR-33, which is specialized just for your pets! They also offer 3rd party testing and are the only certified USDA organic hemp on the market.
  • Holistic Hound: produced in California, offers the powerful combinations of hemp with mushrooms in oils and treats. Holistic Hound products are also USDA organic, vet formulated, and offer both broad-spectrum & full-spectrum hemp options. 
  • Charlotte’s Web: a different approach to hemp products. Their hemp oils for dogs are available in larger size bottles and offered in a chicken flavor oil for dogs who may be picky. They also have functional treats for anxiety, seniors, and hip & joint concerns. 
  • Colorado Hemp Honey: are based out of Colorado and make pure, raw honey with full-spectrum hemp. Organic essential oils are added for extra benefits and to aid with digestion, sleep, and anxiety. 
  • Stella & Chewy’s - Stella’s offers hemp treats for dogs that are functional. One is for hip & joint while the other treat is for calming. If you have a fussy dog, these might be a great option as they are coated in beef liver.
  • Kin + Kind - For topical relief Kin + Kind offers soothing foams and balms with hemp. These are great to use on itchy dogs, skin irritations, skin infections, and inflamed skin.
  • Ultra Oil - This essential fatty acid blend is a great combination of Omega 3, 6, and 9. The hemp seed oil is a great anti-inflammatory while supporting other body systems at the same time. 

If you are interested in introducing hemp to your pet’s daily routine, using oil, a treat or some honey can offer many positive health benefits for your cat or dog. Our knowledgeable staff at The Pet Beastro is always happy to answer any questions you may have! 


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