Try Fussie Cat - The Perfect Picky Cat's Choice

Try Fussie Cat - The Perfect Picky Cat's Choice

If you are a cat owner searching for the perfect food to cater to your cat’s pickiness, look no further. Fussie Cat is the solution for any cat owner looking for something special for their furry friend.

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If you are a cat owner searching for the perfect food to cater to your cat’s pickiness, look no further. Fussie Cat is the solution for any cat owner looking for something special for their furry friend.

Are you an owner of said picky cat? Fussie Cat has covered you with their new Fine Dining Pate-style cat cans launch! They understand how hard it can be to find cat food that your cat will love and eat. That’s why they created their cat food with co-creation in mind; actual cats taste-testing the recipes and giving feedback! Yes, that’s right, our feline friends! With this unique approach, they have learned from the cat-centered focus groups that not every cat is the same, leading to their various textures and flavors! Here are the key highlights that make Fussie Cat cat food so unique:

  • Cats involved in the co-creation process
  • Variety of textures and flavors to choose from
  • Nutrient-rich cat food that cats will eat
  • High-quality cat food made with human-grade ingredients

Catering to the Picky Cat Owner

Finding the perfect cat food for your pet can be difficult for a cat owner. Fussie Cat caters to the picky cat and their human caregivers, with their commitment to only using premium, natural ingredients high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Here’s why:

  • Meat is always the first ingredient – giving your cat the source of protein they need
  • Includes at least 20% high-quality meat protein, with only 3-5% carbohydrates
  • 70% moisture – just like cats would get in the wild

With Fussie Cat canned food, you can trust that your cat gets the best nutrition and taste for their picky palate. They have an array of flavors to incorporate into your cat’s daily diet.

Tips for Picking the Right Cat Foods

As a cat owner, you are responsible for caring for your cat’s health and wellness. That includes ensuring you provide your cat with healthy food options and feeding the carnivore inside. We have found with many cat owners that finding the right cat food can be challenging since cats are notoriously picky. Below are some tips to help you pick the right cat food for your cat:

  1. Read Cat Food Labels - Read cat food labels carefully and look for questionable ingredients or additives. Many cats get addicted to carbohydrates and tend to do best with a higher protein ratio as they are considered obligate carnivores, which means they need to eat animal-based proteins.
  2. Look for Nutritious Ingredients - Look for cat foods with high-quality proteins and other nutritious ingredients such as vegetables and fruits. Avoid cat foods with fillers, by-products, grains, or artificial preservatives. If you aren’t sure what to look for, ask one of our Pet Beastro team members to help!
  3. Consider Your Cat’s Age & Health Status - Kittens may need higher protein levels and calorie intake than adult cats. Senior cats may need more fiber or additional supplements to support overall wellness. Fussie Cat is for all life stages, from kittens to senior cats.
  4. Check for Allergens - If your cat has allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients, check cat food labels for these inflammatory ingredients. Cats are becoming more sensitive to specific proteins and ingredients. If you aren’t sure if this is an issue, consider a Wellness Scan or KittyBiome test to help eliminate these questionable ingredients.
  5. Complete and Balanced - We always encourage variety with your cats. Different amino acids are found in proteins that are the body’s building blocks. Using nutritionally complete food ensures your cat has all the nutritional needs for longevity and healthy life.

By following these tips when selecting cat food, you can be sure you’re providing your cat with the best nutrition possible. The right cat food can help keep your cat healthy for years.

Variety of Flavors For Picky Cats

As a cat owner, I know how picky my cats can be with their food and treats. This can be a frustrating event for humans to understand what their cats prefer in their food bowls. That’s why I love Fussie Cat – they offer a variety of flavorful and textured cat foods that keep my cats excited for mealtime!

I can stick to the same brand while feeding gravy style on Monday.

Aspic style on Tuesday.

Pumpkin soup style on Wednesday.

Pate style on Thursday.

Fine Dining Pate Can

Then start it all over again on Friday! My cats love the Tuna with Anchovies, which has whole pieces of anchovy for a fishy surprise. I prefer using the formulas in Aspic because my cats would otherwise lick up the gravy and broth while leaving the nutritious chunks behind. Aspic gives a different texture than the pate style as well. Aspic is a meat gelatin made with meat stock or broth, and it congeals into a meat jelly that encases the contents of the can. That said, I was surprised to find that even with the gravy formulas, such as chicken and vegetables in gravy, they ate the entire can without adding additional liquid once they lapped it up from the can. This shows how vital cat taste testers are to pet food manufacturers like Fussie Cat to provide the optimal cat food experience for your felines at home!

Here are some of the top reasons why Fussie Cat is one of my cat’s favorite meals:

  • Variety of flavors and textures that keep cats interested in mealtime
  • Whole pieces of anchovies for an exciting treat
  • High-quality, natural ingredients that provide nutrition and health benefits
  • An affordable price point that cat owners can feel good about

Ways Cat Food can help with Litter Box Habits

This may seem strange that cat food directly correlates to what you find in the litter box. Your cat’s diet is essential in the nutrition and health puzzle.

  • Canned foods or wet food can support kidney function, ward off kidney disease, and balance elimination. When we think about cats in the wild having a meal, we don’t think of cats eating dirt, dust bunnies, or sand. We think of cats eating small animals, bugs, or even grass. These things have varying moisture levels, but that’s just it. They all have moisture. Cats need high levels of moisture to have properly functioning kidneys. Although fresh water is essential, cats prefer moisture from food. If hydration for cats was the best choice, it might take a long period for this to happen. For a cat to intake two ounces of water, it takes 2200-2400 licks or laps of water. Feeding dry food only can result in chronic dehydration, and you may not see the clinical signs immediately with most cats. We want to make sure cats have consistent urine elimination daily.
  • Food with limited ingredients can reduce symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease, which often presents clinical signs of diarrhea, weight loss, and decreased appetite. Limited ingredients in cat food mean less inflammation in the digestive tract. Removing these unnecessary ingredients (such as corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, artificial colors, etc.) from your cat’s meals can lessen the distress on the intestinal tract. The first few ingredients on an ingredient label should be an essential consideration. Feeding a canned food-only diet can significantly reduce inflammatory issues in the digestive tract. Your cat should have formed stools without diarrhea or constipation.
  • Cats do better with multiple meals and small amounts throughout the day. This may seem contrary to how you currently utilize your cat’s bowl. Feeding your cat frequent small meals is not only biologically appropriate, but it helps prevent obesity, promote weight loss, and reduces the scarf & barf symptoms from overeating large amounts of cat food. Feeding multiple small meals daily increases your cat’s natural energy as they have time to complete their biological cycle from hunting to eating to grooming to resting. Providing several smaller meals every few hours satisfies cats and makes them sleep through the night more often. Most cats don’t appreciate waiting 12 hours between meals, and your cat doesn’t want to sit around all day waiting for you to feed them two times 12 hours apart. This promotes lethargy in our kitties rather than playful adventures. Playtime and an eating schedule can also make plans for litter box habits. Knowing when your cat uses their litter box is essential, especially in a multi-cat household.
  • Feeding a wet food or canned diet increases the amount of water your cat gets daily, which can help reduce digestive health issues such as constipation and vomiting. The added moisture helps cats’ bodies digest their food more quickly through peristalsis, making for easily passed stools. In contrast, when cats eat dry food, their bodies don’t get enough water to aid in digestion naturally. You may notice that cats may experience difficulty passing their stools with a dry food-only diet. By providing additional moisture in cats’ diets, cat owners can help their cats maintain normal digestive processes and reduce health issues.

Keeping your cat at a healthy weight can be challenging but should be a priority. A cat that can’t fit into their litter box because of size or those who have difficulty getting into their box may lead to inappropriate bathroom habits. This can cause them discomfort, making it less likely that they will use the cat litter box. Additionally, being overweight places extra strain on the cat’s joints and muscles, leading to difficulty getting into position to eliminate. Ensuring your box is accessible, sides are low profile, and the box itself is large enough for elimination are all ways to reduce destructive behavior. Maintaining a healthy weight can be done by ensuring your cat eats the correct amount of calories, reducing carbohydrates, and feeding a nutritionally complete canned food diet are all great places to start.

These tips can reduce health issues, promote a healthy diet, and make your cat’s life healthy and happy. As always, we encourage every pet parent to establish a relationship with their favorite veterinarian in case of an emergency.

New Product Launch in 2023 of Fussie Cat Canned Food

Fussie Cat has revolutionized cat food, offering cat owners affordable cat food that their cats will love. With a wide variety of flavors and textures and new flavors launched in 2023, Fussie Cat provides high-quality cat meals with natural ingredients for optimal nutrition. In addition, you will find added discounts and frequent buyer programs offered through our in-store loyalty program. Fussie Cat offers five flavors of dry kibble-style food if your cat refuses to eat canned cat food.

If you’re looking for a cat food brand to keep your cat happy and healthy, Fussie Cat is worth considering! Stop by our retail location in Madison Heights, Michigan, just north of Detroit, which is open Monday through Saturday, 10:00 am - 8:00 pm, and Sundays from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, and try Fussie Cat canned food and give your cat the best meal they deserve! Or visit our 24/7 natural pet food treats, toys, and supplies store online. Please message us on InstagramFacebook, or TikTok for further information!



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