Vital Essentials Raw Bar For Cats & Dogs

Vital Essentials Raw Bar  For Cats & Dogs

Vital Essentials makes treating your pet to nutritious and flavorful freeze-dried raw snacks fun and easy by providing nutritious and delicious raw treats that are as great for your dog or cat’s health as they are flavorful!

Vital Essentials makes treating your pet to nutritious and flavorful freeze-dried raw snacks fun and easy! Their raw bar provides nutritious and delicious raw treats that are as great for your dog or cat’s health as they are flavorful! From chicken necks to bully twists, Vital Essentials raw bar is here to cater to your four-legged friend’s taste buds!

Freeze-Dried Dog & Cat Treats

Raw treats for your dog and cat are perfect to satiate their natural instinctual cravings for raw meat! Vital Essential raw bar treats are freeze-dried for optimum nutrition and flavor. Freeze drying raw treats gives your pet all the health benefits of raw while they enjoy the irresistible crunch and flavor from the freeze-drying process. This makes Vital Essentials raw bar treats perfect for picky eaters! And super easy for pet parents to store and have on hand. 

Single Ingredient Treats For Picky Pets With Allergies

These single-ingredient treats also make them ideal for pets that have food allergies, sensitive stomachs, or dietary restrictions. Vital Essentials freeze-dried raw treats are a great natural source of protein, making them a filling yet healthy snack for your dog or cat. Great for in-between mealtimes! And they’re perfect for your pet’s dental health! Chewing on raw freeze-dried treats is a great way to scrape away plaque and tartar buildup for good dental hygiene. Even the pickiest of pets will love these raw treats! My finicky miniature dachshund, Bean can’t resist gnawing on some crunchy raw bar cod and salmon skins! He loves the taste and I love how it cleans his teeth and promotes good dental health in the process! Vital Essentials only uses the highest quality meats sourced in the USA without any hormones, antibiotics, or artificial additives.

Treats Even Cats Love

Vital Essentials raw bar treats are not just for dogs! Cats will enjoy these meaty treats as well! Chewing on these treats will help clean your kitty’s teeth for healthy teeth and gums and fresh breath. These treats are also a great way to add extra protein to your cat’s diet. And freeze-dried raw treats are perfect for finicky felines! Your cat won’t be able to resist the savory flavor of these snacks! Chicken necks, duck necks, duck heads, and moo sticks are just a handful of cat-friendly options Vital Essentials raw bar offers! 

Vital Essentials Raw Bar Treat Options:

Vital Essentials offers more than raw bar treats! In addition, to a wide range of freeze-dried treats, they offer frozen raw meaty bones and frozen and freeze-dried raw complete and balanced meals for cats and dogs. Vital Essentials makes feeding your pet raw quick and easy.

Vital Essentials Raw Frozen & Freeze-Dried Pet Food

Vital Essentials makes raw feeding your cat or dog a breeze! Just thaw and serve the frozen or add water and serve the freeze-dried for a species-appropriate raw meal that your pet will love! Made with premium quality proteins and all-natural ingredients that are free from any grain or gluten. Vital Essentials offers a variety of size options to help tailor to your pet’s needs. They offer their complete and balanced raw frozen diets in: 

Their raw freeze-dried diets also come in patty and niblet form. Making portion control for feeding your cat or dog simple and convenient. Every meal formula features limited ingredient recipes for easy digestion. Each raw diet is packed with fresh meats, organs, and bone for a high-protein diet to promote healthy weight, lean muscles, and all-around good health. Ideal for dogs and cats of all activity and life stages.

Vital Essentials Raw Meaty Bones For Cat & Dog

Raw meaty bones are a perfect addition to any raw diet, and Vital Essentials has a variety of frozen raw bones for your dog to gnaw on! Vital Essentials Raw meaty bones are great for your dog’s dental health! Chewing on these natural bones helps scrape away plaque and tartar buildup for clean teeth. They also help freshen breath and promote good oral health. Chewing on raw bones is also great for your dog’s mental health. The soothing activity of chewing helps calm and relax them while also keeping them entertained. Great for keeping mischievous pups out of trouble!

Vital Essentials Raw & Freeze-Dried Treats

Along with their raw bar, Vital Essentials offers a whole line of other raw freeze-dried dog and cat treats your pets will be drooling over! These raw meaty bites are a healthy and fun way to reward your fur-baby! These treats are made with bites of pure meat and organs for a high-protein snack. Satisfies your pet’s inner carnivore! Formulated for both dogs and cats to enjoy! Their small bite size makes them easy to eat for pets of all ages and sizes. I love using these small bites as training treats for Bean. Since they’re small, they’re easy for him to eat and make a perfect training reward. I also love that it’s an easy way to give him an extra boost of protein throughout the day. Features limited-ingredient formulas that are easily digestible. Grain and gluten-free for pets with special dietary needs. Their small size also makes them great for training! Like their other products, Vital Essentials freeze-dried treats are made with only the best meats sourced in the USA without any hormones, antibiotics, or artificial additives. Treating your pet to these delicious freeze-dried snacks is a great way to add extra taurine to their diet for strong heart health! 

Vital Essentials freeze-dried cat treats come in the following varieties:

Vital Essentials freeze-dried dog treats come in the following varieties:

To learn more about Vital Essential’s brand, The Pet Beastro was able to be a part of a helpful and informative interview with Alli Magit, account specialist at Vital Essentials.

Why was Vital Essentials started?

Vital Essentials was started as a way to help people and their pets by providing dogs and cats the best diet possible. We know how much joy our pets bring to our lives, so we created a pet food line that gives dogs and cats the opportunity to lead long, vibrant, healthy lives; exactly what they deserve. We do that by manufacturing premium-quality, raw frozen, and freeze-dried pet food and treats with our family-owned company, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. As the most tenured raw pet food producer in the nation, our goal is to use innovation, creativity, and variety to meet our customers’ needs while continuing to share our award-winning products with pet parents across the globe.

What makes Vital Essentials treats stand out?

Vital Essentials treats stand out because of what you won’t find in them. You won’t find fillers like wheat, corn, or soy; no gluten, grains, rendered by-products, or artificial ingredients. Our treats are made with only freeze-dried meat, as close to its natural form as possible. They are also the perfect size to use as a high-value training treat; pets can’t resist the smell and taste of our treats which makes pets eager and excited to learn new tricks. Our freeze-dried Minnows are a best seller among cat and dog families.

What is your favorite aspect about Vital Essentials?

With such a wide variety of products available there’s a way for every pet owner to bring the benefits of raw food into their pet’s diet.  We offer the healthiest frozen and freeze-dried raw food, treats and snacks for dogs and cats. It’s a rewarding experience to see all of the amazing transformations that take place when a pet encounters the benefits of raw food.  

Does Vital Essentials support any charities or non-profit organizations?

At Vital Essentials, we find ways to help out our community throughout the year with our Giving Back program. We participate in various initiatives to donate to area charities and nonprofits. Each year we hold a school supply drive to help local homeless children with needed supplies. We also hold a holiday food drive each year, benefitting local nonprofit organizations. This past Christmas, we donated 2,029 lbs of food to Paul’s Pantry, a local charity working to end food insecurity in the Green Bay area. 

What are some exciting things or new products happening in Vital Essentials' future?

We’re excited to announce we’ve just added pork to our Vital Cat food line. Pork is a great alternative protein source for cats with sensitive stomachs and food sensitivities. Our new Freeze-Dried Pork Mini Nibs and Dinner Patties are an excellent source of taurine and essential amino acids needed by cats. The pork products join several other single-source protein options for cats including chicken, duck, rabbit, and turkey. We’re always trying to add more variety to our selection of raw freeze-dried and frozen pet products, so that pet parents can find the protein source that best suits their pet’s taste.

From treats to meals, Vital Essentials has the perfect product for your pet’s needs! Vital Essentials is a must-try brand for any pet parent that is feeding their pet a raw diet or wants to add more raw to their pet’s diet. Their variety of flavors and product lines also makes them an ideal choice for rotational feeding. Every Vital Essentials product is proudly made in the USA with the highest quality all-natural ingredients available! Stop in and visit us at our retail location in Madison Heights, Michigan or visit our online pet food, treat, and toy store 24/7. We are always here to help you find the best food and treats for your dog and cat! 


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