What Do You Resonate With? Let's Talk About Muscle Checking!

What Do You Resonate With? Let's Talk About Muscle Checking!

Let's talk about Muscle Checking! Some people call it Muscle Testing.  Some people call it Applied Kinesiology.  I call it Muscle Checking.  Read more to find out why!

Some people call it Muscle Testing. Some people call it Applied Kinesiology. I call it Muscle Checking. Want to know why?


Checking In

In Resonance Repatterning we talk about energy and our thoughts, images, and/or actions that we may or may not resonate with. Many of us have a negative/non-coherent energy with the word "testing." Think about that word for a moment. Test. We could actually start feeling our heart's race, our palms getting sweaty, we could even break out in a sweat! We may have a flashback of sitting in a classroom and being given a pop test that we may or may not be prepared for. In Resonance Repatterning, we take the word test out and use check instead, allowing you to feel more at ease with the session. I don't do pop test's at the end of a session either.


Two Aspects of a Muscle Check

When we begin our session, there are two aspects to a muscle check: General and Specific.  A General Muscle Check is checking the overall body-emotions-mind frequency for resonance. A Specific Muscle Check means the energy from a statement is being held in a specific area of our body and more detail is required to find the area so we can shift the energy. The Specific can be a Level, Area and/or Age.  With a Specific Muscle Check, you can have any one or combo of these, or you may never need any of them and your session will be a General Muscle Check. While a Specific Muscle Check can be unique to a session, it does not change the session or what we are going to work to shift.


ON/OFF or Umbilical ON/Umbilical OFF

Once a Specific or General Muscle Check is determined, I then muscle check to find if your response to the statement is ON/OFF or Umbilical ON/Umbilical OFF. When I muscle check ON, that means you are resonating with the statement. When I muscle check OFF, that means you do not resonate with the statement. During a session, you should be OFF for positive/coherent and ON for negative/non-coherent statements. Sometimes an ON for a positive statement or an OFF for a negative statement happens during a muscle check.
Then I will move to check for an Umbilical response. What an Umbilical Muscle Check tells us is that there is virtually zero energy for that statement. Umbilical Muscle Check tells us that in our life a particular need was rarely if ever met, therefore our body does not recognize the frequency of the statement. We don't recognize the need.
An ON/OFF response during a session tells us that in the past, your needs were met randomly or inconsistently, so sometimes we are energized by a need and sometimes we are not. An Umbilical ON/Umbilical OFF tells us that in the past, your needs were rarely if ever met. You lived with a consistent non-coherent reality which you continue to live in the present.
During a Resonance Repatterning session we are always working to expand the field of light, so we can change who we are and how we act in the present.
I am available for Resonance Repatterning sessions on Fridays from 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm and Saturdays from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm (except the secon Saturday of each month). You can call the store or book online for an appointment.


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