Wild Meadow Farms Jerky Dog Treats

Wild Meadow Farms Jerky Dog Treats

Wild Meadow Farms is a brand that offers a wide variety of pure meat jerky treats for your four-legged friend to enjoy! Find out more about their line of natural jerky treats in our blog.

For the dog that loves their jerky, Wild Meadow Farms is a brand that offers a wide variety of pure meat jerky treats for your four-legged friend to enjoy! Wild Meadow Farms is proudly family-owned, family-run, and offers USA-made natural jerky treats for dogs of all ages and sizes! Great as a treat between mealtimes or as a high-value training treat! These all-natural jerky treats will be sure to crush your canine’s meaty cravings!

Family Owned Dog Treat Company

Supporting Wild Meadow Farms means supporting a family business. Wild Meadow Farms is a small family-owned and operated business that is dedicated to offering your pet healthy and delicious all-natural jerky dog treats. Wild Meadow Farms was founded in 2011 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania by a family that wanted to create the very best natural treats for their senior 15-year-old dog to be able to enjoy. Since their senior pup had difficulty chewing, they wanted to create dog treats that were easy to eat and free from any grains, unhealthy additives, preservatives, or flavorings. Instead of giving their pooch a treat that was made overseas and packed with unhealthy low-quality ingredients, the family decided to make their own treats at home in the USA. Thus, Wild Meadow Farms was born! This allowed them to create the highest quality treats for their dog and dogs everywhere to enjoy!

Dog Treats Made In the U.S.A.

Every bag of Wild Meadow Farms treats is proudly made in the USA with the highest-quality USA-sourced ingredients. Each dog treat is free from grains, fillers, corn, wheat, soy, or animal by-products. Each grain-free recipe features limited-ingredient formulas, making them great for dogs that have food allergies or sensitive stomachs. Wild Meadow Farms jerky treats are minimally processed and only made with premium-quality meats sourced locally in the USA from trusted suppliers. Their soft texture makes them easy to eat for dogs of all ages and sizes. They’re breakable for convenient portioning for snacks or training. These high-value jerky treats make a great training reward! Your dog will be sure to learn a trick or two when the reward is a savory drool-worthy Wild Meadow Farms jerky!

Premium Jerky Dog Treats 

  • Wild Meadow Farms Classic Bites line is bites of pure meat perfectly portioned into easy to feed jerky. Each bag features a single-protein recipe in a limited-ingredient formula. These are an ideal option for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies. The jerky bites are then gently smoked in small batches for a savory irresistible snack! These soft and chewy jerky bites are great to feed as is or break apart for easy portioning.
  • Wild Meadow Farms Gibson’s line of jerky treats combines the irresistible flavor of bacon with cuts of pure meat for a savory and flavorful jerky treat your dog will go crazy for! These treats are also made with limited-ingredient recipes for every dog to enjoy. Each bag of jerky treats is lightly wood-toasted in small batches for delicious homestyle flavor! For the bacon-loving pups out there, Gibson’s jerky treats are the perfect match! Like the Classic Bites, these jerky treats are also soft and chewy, easy to eat, and easily breakable for every pooch to snack on! 

Perfect Treats For Training & Picky Dogs

The savory irresistible flavor of Wild Meadow Farms jerky treats make them perfect for picky pups! These jerky treats are made with fresh meats and packed with so much flavor, your finicky pet won’t be able to turn them down! Their irresistible taste makes them great high-value rewards for training! My picky miniature dachshund, Bean never turns down a treat from Wild Meadow Farms! He especially loves their Classic Beef Bites of pure beef jerky! Since he’s a small breed dog, it’s nice that the treats are easily breakable for smaller portioning. I use them for training rewards or as the perfect afternoon snack! Wild Meadow Farms jerky treats leave Bean barking for more! So if you too have a picky pup, try a bag of Wild Meadow Farms jerky treats! Your dog will thank you for it! 


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