You MAY Want To Check Out These Loyalty Savings For Your Cat & Dog

You MAY Want To Check Out These Loyalty Savings For Your Cat & Dog

With warmer weather comes more outside play and fresh air inside. Shop our May loyalty program deals on food, treats, and more! We also shared some of our favorite spring items, including dairy-free frozen dog treats and cat purees, perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities this month.

Spring has finally arrived! Along with another month of significant in-store savings for our loyalty program customers. A collective poll has shown that most pet parents feel like this was a long winter, and a few warm days in April weren’t enough. Now that it's May, I feel like we are turning the corner and seeing more sunshine. It’s amazing what a lovely day with a long walk with your dog can do for your soul.

Icelandic Plus Treats For Dogs

Does your pup do well with fish proteins? If yes, you won’t want to miss out on savings for Icelandic Plus treats! Save $1.00 on packages of Cod Skin Rolls, Cod Fish Chips, and Redfish Skin Rolls. At The Pet Beastro, we refer to these treats as “fish potato chips” as they have a furtastic crunch factor, and most dogs want more than one. These single-ingredient treats are great for picky pups or those who need individual proteins in their diet. These treats are free from preservatives, additives, or dyes. Just simple ingredients pet parents can read.

Nature's Logic Buy One, Get One

Nature’s Logic is offering a free roll of lightly cooked with any purchase of a large bag of Distinction dry dog food. Nature’s Logic has been a brand we have had in store since we opened. We appreciate their dedication to all-natural ingredients with the commitment to avoiding synthetic additives, vitamins, or minerals in their diets. The free lightly cooked roll has a retail savings of $13.99 with a limit of one per customer.

Choose from these flavors for your dog:

Plato's Mini Thinkers Chicken Recipe

Just in time for spring, Plato Pet Treats is offering $1.00 off their Mini Thinkers Chicken Sticks and Thinkers Chicken Recipe. These jerky-style sticks are great for integrating into interactive toys and breaking into smaller pieces for training treats. These meaty-packed treats have added fish oil to support brain function. We love the use of limited ingredients, no artificial flavors, no corn, no wheat, and no soy, which makes these treats a purrfect match for our Beastro Promise.

Vital Essentials Frozen Cat Food

Calling all raw feeders for cats! Vital Essentials offers $2.00 off for frozen cat food items in both tubs and patties. These limited ingredient, single protein entrees made in the USA are formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your feline for all life stages and all breed types. Often kittens need more calories and more frequent meals, whereas senior cats typically require fewer calories because their activity level has decreased. 

Choose from these flavors for your cats:

Free Can Of FirstMate Dog Foods

Enjoy a free FirstMate can with any FirstMate dry dog food purchase. FirstMate canned diets are free of thickeners creating a whipped pate texture that dogs love. They offer a highly palatable and limited ingredient option if you are looking for a way to add moisture to your dog's daily diet. Canned foods are also a great way to increase calories; use enrichment mats, stuff in interactive toys, or hide supplements in your pup's bowl.

Choose from these flavors for your dog:

Nulo Cat Purees

Check out the Nulo Cat purees to give your kitty some springtime enrichment. At this point, we are all looking forward to having the windows open with some fresh air. If your cat is zooming around the house in boredom, try smearing any one of the tasty purees across an interactive mat or platter to keep them happy and amused. Save $2.00 on Purfect Puree treats

Choose from these flavors for your cat:


Cloud Star Iced Treats

With spring comes yard clean-up and other outdoor activities. Cloud Star makes the perfect Iced Treat that is dairy freeze for your dogs. Save $5.00 on both flavors. This item is found in the freezer with our store's other frozen yogurt selections. Some dogs are intolerant of dairy, just like humans can have intolerances. This iced treat is made with dairy-free coconut cream as the base. These are great to scoop and schmear across any enrichment mat to keep your pet busy while you work around the yard. 

Choose from these flavors for your dog:

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