Five Reasons Your Cat or Dog Should Try Primal Bone Broth

Five Reasons Your Cat or Dog Should Try Primal Bone Broth

Boost your pet's diet with a nutritious and delicious all-natural supplement from Primal with some Frozen Bone Broth! Bone broth is an easy and great way to add extra nutrition and protein to your pet's diet! It provides extra hydration as well as overall positive nutritional benefits for your pets.

This golden gelatinous supplement is one of a kind! It truly is homemade. If you have ever made bone broth at home, you will have a connection with Primal Pet Foods Bone Broth made just for your pet. Some quick distinctions between what you put in your pot at home and the pet version are the lack of veggies that could be harmful to your cat or dog. Primal has eliminated onions, garlic, and other herbs that could be problematic. Plus it’s low sodium (humans tend to like their broth a bit on the salty side).

Why Feed Your Dog Or Cat Bone Broth?

Here are our top five reasons your cat or dog should include bone broth in their diet:


  1. If you have a picky pet, you should try bone broth. This is a great inexpensive way to dress up your pet's bowl and add something fresh. You can heat up the broth to provide a mix-in that is warm and nourishing. It also enhances palatability. We encourage bone broth as one way to add fresh options to support your pets' health.


  1. If you have a pet with joint concerns, you should try bone broth. Primal Pet Foods formula is noticeably thicker than other types of bone broth. The collagen in this formula supports hip & joint health for cats and dogs of any age. In addition collagen aids in digestion and gives hair, skin & nails a boost.


  1. If you have a pet with digestive complaints, you should try bone broth. All the gelatin and minerals from the slow simmer process gives the digestive system assistance. The amino acid glycine is present in bone broth to help regulate the synthesis of bile salts that aids in digestion and nutrient absorption. Bone broth is often responsible for showing a direct correlation in immune health, reducing & healing leaky gut, and overall vitality improvement when consumed on a regular basis.


  1. If your pet suffers from inflammation, you should try bone broth. Primal uses both turmeric and ginger in their bone broth. Both of these anti-inflammatory herbs can be beneficial to both cats and dogs. If your pet has arthritis, pain, IBD, allergies, bacterial overgrowth, chronic inflammation, pancreatitis, or any other inflammatory issue, you should consider adding bone broth!


  1. If you feed dry food, you should try bone broth. We understand that every pet's needs and home environment are different. However, we encourage you to add something fresh to increase moisture in your pet's diet. Feeding dry food only long-term can lead to dehydration. Bone broth reduces the chance of dehydration by providing amino acids and electrolytes from a natural source.


Each bone broth flavor is a single-sourced protein in a variety of flavors such as:


Bones that are used for each broth recipe are:

  • raised without antibiotics, 
  • steroids or added hormones, 
  • organic produce, 
  • manufactured in the USA, 
  • and no synthetic vitamins. 


This bone broth supplement for cats and dogs are low protein and low fat which can help with overweight pets and those who have specific requirements. If this sounds like a tasty, beneficial treat your pet would enjoy, now is the time to give it a try! From now until September 30th, 2021, visit us in-store to get your paws on Primal Pet Food’s 20 oz Bone Broth for only $4.99, in-store only!! A tail-wagging deal you won’t want to miss. 


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