Are Essential Oils Safe For Pets?

Are Essential Oils Safe For Pets?

Do you know the difference between the grades of essential oils?

The grade of oil can affect how well it works!

Do you know the difference between the grades of essential oils?

The grade of oil can affect how well it works!

What Are The Three Grades of Essential Oils?

  • Low: Perfume grade
  • Medium: Food grade
  • High: Therapeutic grade

Essential Oils For pets

Perfume Grade

This grade of essential oil is distilled only for its smell. It can be distilled using chemicals such as anti-freeze or other toxic agents. This type of oil is placed in soaps, detergents and scented candles. You would never want to ingest or use this on your body for healing. It may do the exact opposite and harm you and your pet.

Food Grade

Food grade is meant to flavor food only. The number one food grade essential oil is peppermint. It flavors our toothpastes, mouthwashes and candy. This oil is distilled using high temperatures and high pressure. Just like cooking in high temperatures destroys the vitamins and enzymes of food, high heat destroys any medicinal or therapeutic value of the oil. Food grade essential oils are often found in health food stores and are not very expensive. But the healing properties are very low and can also harm your pets.

Therapeutic Grade

Therapeutic grade essential oils have been handled carefully so as to not destroy the molecules that promote healing. They are processed over low heat and over low pressure to make sure that all the constituents or healing molecules are intact. If the essential oil is missing one constituent, it alters what that oil can do. These oils are quality tested from start to finish to ensure they are of the highest quality and are safest to use with pets.

The difference between a cheaper food grade oil and a more expensive, high quality therapeutic grade oil could be just one small molecule that was lost in the processing. But that one small molecule can make a big difference in the healing action of that essential oil. The food grade oil will not and can not do what therapeutic grade oil is supposed to do. 

The oils we sell at The Pet Beastro store and online at our Pet SuperMarket are only Therapeutic Grade Oils.

Essential oils do a lot more than just smell good!



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