May Pet Food & Treats Loyalty Program Savings For Your Cat Or Dog

May Pet Food & Treats Loyalty Program Savings For Your Cat Or Dog

It’s May! We have another great month of natural pet food, treats, and supplies specials and discounts for you! When you shop in-store as a loyalty member some of our manufacturers allow us to pass along tail-wagging monthly savings.

April showers bring May flowers. We are showering YOU with another great month of natural per food, treats, and supplies forspecials and discounts for your cat or dog! Many of our manufacturers allow us to pass along tail-wagging monthly savings to our loyalty members. They do have one stipulation for these deals, they are valid on in-store purchases only through May, 31, 2021 only. 

Primal Dog & Cat Foods

Primal Pet Foods for both dogs and cats is continuing their FREE fresh topper with the purchase of a 14 oz freeze-dried through the end of May. This is a great way to incorporate new flavors into your dog or cat’s diet. We love using freeze-dried for treats, toppers, interactive treat toys, boredom busters, licki mats, and traveling! Primal has a great variety of flavors for our feline friends! Fresh toppers are great to add to any bowl whether you feed raw, freeze-dried, or dry food to your pets. Each topper is blended with different ingredients for whole-body support while increasing hydration for your pet’s health. 

Choose from the following Primal Dog & Cat Food flavors:

  • Beef & Salmon
  • Chicken & Salmon
  • Duck
  • Pork
  • Turkey
  • Rabbit
  • Venison

Dog Only Food flavors vary slightly:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Duck
  • Pork
  • Turkey & Sardine
  • Rabbit
  • Venison
  • Lamb

Fresh Pet Food Toppers to choose from:

  • Awesome Squash
  • Power Greens
  • Omega Mussels

Nulo Dog Treats

Who doesn’t love a great treat deal? Nulo has buy one jerky and get one training treat FREE! Nulo Freestyle dog jerky treats also include BC30 Probiotic blend to support gut health as well as immune system health. These jerky treats come in five different flavors that are easy to break into small or large pieces whether you use them for training, interactive toys, or just as a quick snack. The Nulo training treats are smaller-sized pieces that are quick to tuck in your pocket or treat bag. Your dog can eat them quickly while you move onto the next training exercise. 

Zignature Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Zignature is a fan favorite for those pups who suffer from allergies or those who prefer to avoid chicken proteins. Zignature’s entire line of limited ingredient dog food options are all: 

  • chicken-free, 
  • grain-free, 
  • and are void of wheat, corn, soy, chemical preservatives, and food colorings. 

We love the variety of proteins that are available for your dog. For the month of May, medium-sized bags (either 12.5 lb or 13.5 lb size) are $10.00 off, excluding small bites.

Naturally Fresh Cat Litter

If you share your home with kitties, we all know how particular they can be about litter boxes. We love Naturally Fresh cat litter as it is made from ground walnut shells. It does a great job with odor control and clumping. In addition to clumping, they also offer an herbal attraction blend (for those naughty kitties who like to avoid using the litter box) as well as pellets. Naturally Fresh is offering $3.00 off 26 lb bags of clumping litter and $2.00 off 10 lb bags of pellet litter

Acana Limited Ingredient Dog Biscuits

Recently Acana launched limited ingredient heart-shaped biscuits. These biscuit-type treats are a first-time launch for Champion Pet Foods. These new treats come in a 9 oz package and are 15% off for the month of May. Acana’s safe and natural dog biscuits do not contain fillers, colors, and other harmful ingredients, unlike so many grocery store-bought brands. . They offer high protein crunchy snacks for dogs  that come in:

  • chicken, 
  • turkey, 
  • beef, or 
  • pork 

Acana limited ingredient dog biscuits are made with only five simple ingredients in each formula, grain-free, and made in the USA.

The Bear & The Rat Frozen Yogurt For Dogs

Summer is just around the corner and frozen yogurt cups are a great way for your pup to enjoy the warmer days. The Bear & The Rat frozen yogurt for dogs is packaged with 4 cups per pack. Just peel off the top cover and let the fun begin. You can either scoop the yogurt out or you can let your pup lick right from the cup. You can choose from yogurt or goat milk yogurt varieties. Save $1.00 per package during the month of May

Canine Calm Pack - Anxiety Relief For Dogs

Sold ONLY at The Pet Beastro, this specially designed Canine Calm Pack of natural and safe anti-anxiety products was thoughtfully put together to help those pups who deal with severe anxiety and fear during the upcoming months of thunderstorms and fireworks. Click here to learn more about all the items included in our anti-anxiety relief kit for dogs. However, there are great items within the box that you can use for any time anxious situations creep up. These could include grooming appointments, vet visits, friends or family visiting your home, changes in your daily routine, long car rides, or any other reason that situational anxiety is present. Retail value of the Canine Calm Pack is $104.99 and is discounted to $29.99. The Pet Beastro has limited quantities of our Canine Calm Pack. Get your pack today before they are sold out! 

We look forward to seeing you this month at our natural pet food, treats, and supply store in Madison Heights, Michigan, and sharing these specials with our loyalty program members! You can always shop 24/7 via our online natural pet products store at Call us at 248-548-3448 with any questions, we are always happy to help!


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