September Loyalty Program Specials For Cats & Dogs Are Here!

September Loyalty Program Specials For Cats & Dogs Are Here!

Did you know that every month we have in-store specials that are exclusive to you when you are part of our loyalty program? Check them out on our blog.

September’s specials on some of our favorite products!

September is here and brings more in-store (not valid online) savings at The Pet Beastro from our diligently researched companies who meet our Promise. Every month we have exclusive offers for you when you're signed up for our in-store loyalty program. Haven’t joined yet? It’s easy to sign up and free to join. On your next trip The Pet Beastro, we can help get you signed up or if you aren’t sure if you have an account, just ask one of our pawsome team members. We also track frequent buyer (participating manufacturers and products) programs electronically for you. 

Etta Says

Looking for a simple grain-free, single protein treat for training? Look no further than the Etta Says Go Wild! Jerky treats. These all natural treats come in three exciting flavors of pheasant, boar, and duck for your pup to try out. We love how easy they are to break up when lots of treats are needed.

Nulo Cat Kibble

Nulo is a preferred favorite with the kitties! Their micro-kibbles are great for cats of all ages although a few flavors help with particular issues such as seniors and a hairball formula. Shape and size of the kibble pieces can really make a difference in your cat’s eating habits. The dog Freestyle food comes in several varieties as well. Don’t forget to add a mix-in of either broth, meaty pouch, or freeze-dried to give your pet the ultimate healthy meal.

Acana Dog Varieties

Acana single proteins for dogs are simple one meat protein flavors for those that are picky or  suffering from food allergies. Each formula has Traditional Chinese Medicine involved and concentrates on food energetics. These formulas are rich in protein, use whole prey ratios including organs, support digestive health and are complete and balanced for all life stages. 


BoxieCat is a true bentonite clay litter that clumps on the top layer of litter making it easy to scoop. The fine clay pebbles also make it easy for cats to dig and cover. It can be used in single cat or multi-cat households. BoxieCat has many products including the litter extender spay and scoop & tie litter bags making waste management easy peasy.

Boss Dog

Boss Dog goat milk comes in two sizes - 16 oz and 32 oz. This frozen goat milk is unfiltered and unpasteurized making it a great digestive system supplement and that easily absorbed. The added probiotics and stomach settling herbs can also help with upset tummies. This low fat super healthy option is a great way to elevate your pet’s meal or give it in a separate bowl as a treat or snack.

Grandma Lucy's

Grandma Lucy’s Artisan flavors are fantastic for picky pups. When you make a bowl of Artisan freeze-dried food for your dog, you will reminisce about the holidays as it smells like a home-made meal. This grain free food comes in flavors of chicken, pork, venison or lamb with limited ingredients while avoiding fillers and by-products. 

The Bear & The Rat

Looking for some great treats for the end of the summer fun? The Bear & The Rat frozen goat milk yogurt is a fun treat and should be included at every doggie’s birthday party. Two flavors to choose from - classic goat milk yogurt and goat milk yogurt with coconut. These are ready to serve and eat frozen yogurt cups that are pawfect for hydration, and nutrients that are also a complete digestive aid. Each batch of yogurt is made with InClover Optagest that helps support intestinal balance and a healthy immune system. This is goat milk yogurt is pawfect for both cats and dogs! 


As the hot dog days of summer fade into cool autumn nights here in Michigan, we look forward to a warm visit with you at The Pet Beastro! 


  1. Deb Glascock Deb Glascock

    Came to the store yesterday with my daughter, to find special things for her new fur baby Nala. WONDERFUL place. Warm, welcoming sales associates, all extremely knowledgeable. Jennifer especially gave us invaluable information,answering all Shannon’s questions, with warmth, and understanding. Thank You all!

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