Carna4 Pet Supplements, Biscuits, & Food

Carna4 Pet Supplements, Biscuits, & Food

If you’re looking to give your four-legged friend a healthy boost of nutrients while rewarding them, Carna4 is a great choice to keep your pets healthy and lively.

If you’re looking to give your four-legged friend a healthy boost of nutrients while rewarding them, Carna4 is here for you and your pet! Carna4 provides delicious all-natural supplements, treats, and food for your fur-baby to enjoy! Every Carna4 product features organic sprouted seeds for an extra boost of nutrition to help keep your pet healthy and lively!

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Family Owned Pet Food Business

Carna4 is a trusted family-owned company in Canada that is passionate about giving pets the very best in nutrition for their health and wellness. Carna4 allows pet parents to feed their furry family members all-natural 100% synthetic-free food every day to help them live healthier, happier lives. Every Carna4 product is easy to feed to please any pet parent. Each product is made in Canada in small batches to ensure the highest quality. From the very first bite, your pet will be able to taste the Carna4 difference!

Essential Vitamins & Minerals For Your Cat & Dog

Carna4 Flora4 Ground Sprouted Seed Supplement is a great way to add extra nutrients to your pet’s diet! This all-natural supplement is packed with essential vitamins and minerals and features a blend of 100% all-natural sprouted seeds to give your pet the perfect nutritional boost! This product is also high in probiotics and fiber for good digestive health. Flora4 is only made with pure organic raw sprouted seeds and features a blend of barley seed, flaxseed, and lentils. Simply sprinkle over your pet's food and let your dogs and cats enjoy!

Grain-Free Crunchy Biscuits For Your Cat & Dog

If you’re looking to give your furry friend a supplemental boost in treat-form, Carna4 Carna Flora Biscuits are perfect for your pet! These grain-free crunchy biscuits are packed with nutrients to give your pet an energizing boost! Like their supplement, these biscuits also feature the same blend of organic raw sprouted seeds for added health benefits. These biscuits have a special limited-ingredient recipe of sprouted seeds, fresh high-quality liver, fava beans, and sweet potatoes for a delicious snack! Flora Biscuits also include guaranteed levels of live probiotics and are also grain-free. These nutrient-packed biscuits are a reward and supplement all in one! A great complement to raw diets or any other diet in between! 

Synthetic Free Dog and Cat Food

Carna4 doesn’t just carry supplements and treats, but grain-free complete and balanced foods as well! All Carna4 dog and cat food is 100% synthetic-free and made with the freshest, highest quality ingredients. The food is quick-baked into air-dried nuggets for convenient feeding and easy portioning.  It is formulated for dogs and cats of all life stages and free from any artificial additives. These formulas also feature the Flora4 sprouted seeds to help improve your pet’s well-being. Like their supplements and treats, every Carna4 product is proudly made in Canada!

Well Balanced Pet Food Diet

From supplements to treats to complete and balanced diets, Carna4 is tailored to your pet’s needs! When you buy Carna4, you are ensured that you are getting the highest quality pet product around! Feed your pet like the furry family member they are with Carna4! Stop by in-store or browse our online pet food and supply store to see all the fantastic products Carna4 has to offer your pet! 


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