How Do I Protect My Cat From Fleas Naturally?

How Do I Protect My Cat From Fleas Naturally?

Don't panic about protecting your feline friends from those pesky fleas this year. We have safe, natural, and effective flea protection to help you without harsh chemical additives.

We don’t always think about flea protection for our cats until fleas have infiltrated our house. If you have an indoor cat, it may never be an issue however, there is always a chance of bringing these pesky little critters indoors. Fleas can hitchhike into your home by another cat, a dog, or even your shoe. 

Health Problems Associated With Fleas:

Besides being pesky little bugs that make our skin crawl, fleas can cause a lot of issues for our feline friends. The development of an intestinal parasite called tapeworm is possible with a flea infestation. Tapeworms develop after the ingestion of fleas. This can happen while your cat bites at their fur to itch and soothe the annoyance of the flea.

Commonly fleas can cause:

  • skin irritation,
  • hair loss, and
  • dermatitis.

While it is important to get rid of them it is even more important to select the right products. Don't panic buy! 

Toxic Flea Chemicals For Cats:

The first thing pet parents often do when they see a flea is freak out! I’ve been there myself, no one wants bugs in their house or on their beloved animal. My best advice is to always be prepared. Keep safe flea products on hand, preferably something natural. I will talk more about what we have to offer and recommend at The Pet Beastro. Whatever you do, don't panic buy just any product online or in a grocery store, many products can be harmful and deadly to our feline companions. One of the number one vet emergencies for cats is toxicity due to flea products. 

Picking a safe flea protection for your cat is extremely important. Cats are naturally more sensitive to chemical treatments and lack the liver enzyme that is needed to break down phenolic compounds. Making it very important to take extra care to ensure the product you use for your feline friend is appropriately sourced and safe. Not all flea prevention marketed to cats is safe and you should never use a product that is marketed to dogs on your cat. 

Chemical-based products designed to kill flea and ticks can also be very harmful to both animals and humans. You may be familiar with the flea collar, spot-on treatments, sprays, and oral meds that are sold in retail stores or even by your veterinarian. Pet parents are expected to trust that these products are safe because they must be regulated by the government. Even so, it does not ensure complete safety and does not mean that the products aren’t harmful.  Chemical-based flea prevention contains carbamates or organophosphates, insecticides that are dangerous to cats, dogs, and humans. Organophosphates and Carbamates work by interfering with the transmission of nerve signals. This makes these chemicals especially dangerous for pets with underlying conditions such as epilepsy but also very dangerous to children that come in contact with the product. Children's nervous systems are still developing and this can lead to damaging long term effects. Not to mention what it does to your pet's nervous system when applied or ingested by your cat.The Pet Beastro takes great care in making sure that we provide the best natural flea prevention for pet parents to choose from. 

Healthy Diet Can Prevent Fleas in Cats

Did you know that a healthy immune system is your cat's first defense against pesky ectoparasites like fleas? Fleas will typically only attack the weakest animals. A proactive measure to protect your cat from fleas is to make sure they are getting a balanced and complete nutritional diet. Cats are obligate carnivores so ideally, a raw diet is best. Cats also consume most of their moisture through their diet so if a raw diet is not possible the next best diet would be canned or wet food.

Natural Protection Against Fleas For Cats

We carry several safe options to help your cat ward off fleas all year long.

  1. Earth Animal Nature’s Protection powder which is designed to protect your cat by supporting a healthy immune system. The daily internal powder contains a unique combination of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that help support a healthy immune system, and change your dog and cat’s odor so that fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other insects dislike the scent and taste of the blood. It’s undetectable by humans but loathed by insects.
  2. Wondercide external sprays have specially formulated sprays safe for your yard as well as your animals and home. The yard and garden concentrate is great for treating your yard to help the prevention as well as kill hormone-driven insects like fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. However, it is safe for other bugs we love like bees and butterflies! The pet and home spray is great for daily application on pets that regularly go outside to play, walk, or hike. What makes Wondercide safe for use on cats you ask? Wondercide uses a steam distillation process. This process renders a high-quality oil that is free of phenols, making their products phenol-free. Another fact that we love about Wondercide is that their products are safe for use on humans as well!
  3. No Bugz Cat Spray contains no phenols. Also, this spray contains a naturally occurring ingredient called Limonene. Limonene is a terpene found in plants and is recognized by the US EPA as a tick and flea insecticide. Other ingredients in No Bugz Cat Spray include geranium, lemongrass, cedarwood, and rosemary essential oils.
  4. Earth Animal Nature’s Protection is a two-step protocol developed by holistic veterinarians. The first step is immune support that comes in either a powder or a liquid tincture. This daily supplement not only protects your cat by making their blood distasteful to fleas but it also enhances your cat's immunity and allergy protection. The second step provides external protection with a collar or spot-on treatment. Earth Animal Nature’s Protection collar active ingredients are cedar oil and peppermint oil. Their spot-on treatment has the same active ingredients and is diluted with an almond oil carrier.
  5. Aromacat Scat is an aromatic blend of hydrosols that fights pesky fleas while balancing your cat's emotions and encouraging healthy skin and coat. Aromacat ensures a safe product free of phenols. They use a distillate process while retrieving oils from plants to create a hydrosol.

The Pet Beastro Is Here To Help 

It is not always easy deciding what products are best for your pets. The Pet Beastro has taken special care to ensure that we only carry products that we trust on our own pets so you can feel safe using them on yours. If you have questions about flea protection or boosting your cat's immune system please contact us at 248-548-4338, visit our website at or stop in our store in Madison Heights, Michigan and a team member will be happy to help!


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