Coconut Oil - Nature's Sunscreen

Coconut Oil - Nature's Sunscreen

We're in the thick of summer now! It's a great time to hit the dog park or the beach with your buddy and soak up some summer sun. And as you grab your sunhat and sunglasses, did you consider that your dog might need sun protection, too? But hats and sunglasses and cover-ups aren't the best accessories for dogs so you may be wondering if there is a natural sunscreen option available for your pet.

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Summer is right in the corner! It's a perfect time to hit the dog park or the beach with your furry friend and soak up some sun. As you grab your sunhat and sunglasses, have you considered that your dog might need sun protection too? While hats and sunglasses aren't ideal accessories for dogs, you might wonder if there is a natural sunscreen option available for your pet.

Nature's Sunscreen Alternative

Reach for coconut oil! Historically, indigenous people living on islands have been using coconut oil as sunscreen for many generations. Today, millions of people continue to use coconut oil for its numerous health benefits, including sun protection. Initially, when suntan lotion was first sold to the public, the main ingredient was coconut oil. Over time, however, coconut oil was replaced with chemical sun-blocking agents, such as oxybenzone, which can disrupt the hormone system and cause more harm than good.

Vitamin D Does a Body Good

Vitamin D is crucial for the formation of healthy, strong bones and the prevention of osteoporosis, rickets, and osteomalacia. It also supports proper immune function, helps fight infections, inhibits the development of autoimmune diseases like diabetes, lupus, and multiple sclerosis, and blocks the formation of cancer. Additionally, vitamin D regulates blood sugar levels, moderates blood pressure, eases chronic inflammation, helps prevent dementia, and reduces risks associated with radiation exposure.

Vitamin D is unique because it is produced by the action of UV rays from sunlight interacting with cholesterol in our skin. There are very few good dietary sources of vitamin D, with organ meats, particularly liver, being the best. For those who don't consume liver or fish liver oils, sunlight is the primary source of vitamin D.

Unfortunately, most of us are vitamin D deficient, and many health problems are either caused or intensified by this deficiency. Simply getting more sunlight exposure could significantly improve many people's health. However, fears of skin cancer have led many to avoid the sun altogether. While it's wise to avoid sunburn, blocking all UV rays with sunscreen can prevent vitamin D production.

When to Use Coconut Oil on Your Pet

Just like humans, pets are sensitive to the sun in areas where they have little or no fur. This includes their pink noses and exposed bellies when lounging in the sun. Hairless breeds are particularly prone to sunburn, making it important to protect their skin.

Coconut oil is non-toxic and has no harmful side effects, making it a great natural way to protect both humans and pets from harmful sun rays while still allowing the body to absorb the benefits of Vitamin D. This summer, keep your furry friends safe and healthy with the natural protection of coconut oil, ensuring they enjoy the sun as much as you do!

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