CoVID - 19 Update

CoVID - 19 Update

We are committed to continuing a safe and healthy environment within our retail store for everyone’s shopping experience. We have updated our safety guidelines.

We are deeply thankful for those who have supported and adhered to compliance with our mask-wearing requirements at our retail location in Madison Heights, Michigan throughout the pandemic. We have consistently followed safety guidelines and protocols throughout the pandemic. 

Masks Are Now Optional

Effective today, June 22, 2021, The Pet Beastro has ended its in-store CoVID-19 mask requirement based on Michigan’s State Executive Order No. 2020-91 and Emergency Order under MCL 333.2253. We are committed to continuing a safe and healthy environment within our retail store for everyone’s shopping experience. We take the health and safety of our employees, customers, and guests seriously. 

Contactless Options Are Still Available

If you are uncomfortable being inside our retail store based on other individuals’ personal choices, you can choose curbside pick-up (free and contactless) or our local pet food delivery service to your doorstep in the Metro Detroit area. Contactless same-day delivery is available when ordered by 11:00 AM and a delivery fee starting at $3.00. 

The Pet Beastro Core Value: Understanding

The ending of the mask ordinance makes for a sensitive and emotional topic for many. Our staff is reminded daily of one of our core values: Understanding. 

“We always strive for The Pet Beastro team to be an active listener to customers and coworkers with patience and compassion helps for each of us to understand one another. Every one of us comes from a different background and starting point where we can learn and grow. When one is open to ideas and discussion, we can find clarity through questions to help find solutions and suggestions.” 

We hope you can find importance in one of our core values in the way we function as a team with those around us during your shopping experience. 

Maintaining These Covid Procedures

  • We are committed to sanitizing and wiping all areas of concern and that would be a constant touchpoint throughout the day between customers. This includes but is not limited to keypads, keyboards, countertops, stylus pens, and other writing utensils, door handles (both enter and exit doors plus freezer door handles), bathrooms, light switches, phones, scanners, etc. We have various cleaners and disinfectants that include both natural and conventional options that are used daily and in rotation to reduce viral contact.
  • Allow social distancing and space between you, other employees, as well as customers and clients that are visiting to remain a minimum of 6 ft apart while in the store.

Employees Will Pre-Screen

  • In accordance with Oakland County health guidelines, we will continue to trace and track employees' temperatures before the start of their shift as well as asking two simple questions about any recent CoVID-19 contact or its variants and travel. 

Additional Guidelines 

  • We request that if you have been exposed or think you have been exposed within the past 7 days our staff would love to help you with your pet's needs. We can help by phone or curbside. We can even bring items directly to your car for contactless pickup of your pet supply goods. If you have CoVID-like symptoms the State of Michigan Executive Order asks that you refrain from entering the building and exposing others.
  • If you have an appointment or consultation scheduled with any of the doctors or staff members and have recently been exposed to CoVID-19 or any other CoVID variant, it is requested that you postpone your appointment until you are past the 10-day mark with no symptoms and exposure period before rescheduling.
  • Follow appropriate respiratory etiquette, which includes coverage for coughs and sneezes.
  • Avoid handshaking and encourage the use of other non-contact methods of greeting.

CDC & OSHA, & Natural Health Recommendations

Our plan is based on information and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) at the time of its development. We also have additional guidance from the Naturopathic community to help support each of our staff members in their own health journey. The COVID-19 situation is frequently changing, you may see changes within our store retail space change rapidly as the need for modifications may occur based on further guidance provided by the CDC, OSHA, State of Michigan, Oakland County, and other public officials at the state or local levels as well as naturopathic communities.

Our community safety is very important to us. We also want your shopping experience to be safe and enjoyable. Your continued health and wellness is of utmost importance to The Pet Beastro Staff. 

Thank you! 


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