Earth Animal Natural Flea & Tick for Summertime Pests

Earth Animal Natural Flea & Tick for Summertime Pests

A great natural and safe flea and tick program for both cats and dogs.

We love heading outdoors and into nature with our buddies year-round but summer weather brings with not only an abundance of fleas but also the dangers of ticks. Here at The Pet Beastro, we are big supporters of natural methods to combat these pesky and harmful insects.

One of our favorites at The Pet Beastro is Earth Animal Internal Flea & Tick program. Made from all natural ingredients that we find in our herbal environment or as food sources, the combination of herbs for the Yeast-Free Flea & Tick Internal Powder is comprised of alfalfa, garlic, spirulina, kelp, papaya, neem, nettles, and hawthorn. This formula is safe for both cats and dogs and easy to add to their daily meals.

Alfalfa is just a great overall herb that is chock-full of trace vitamins and minerals. If you have used Frontline in the past, alfalfa and nettle will be a nice relief to the body so it can rebuild those very important nutrients that may have been stripped by the chemicals. Next in the formula is garlic. Another awesome herb that is used to build the immune system as well as rid the body of internal parasites. Many times fleas are often associated with tapeworms which like to wreak havoc in the intestines, making it difficult for your cat or dog to absorb nutrients as intended by the intestinal tract. Neem is most often used internally to repel fleas externally as well as boost the immune system and support a healthy digestive tract. Hawthorn is often used for its heart-strengthening and antioxidant properties, and papaya is used to improve digestion, boost the immune system, improve energy, and aid in skin conditions.

For a more portable option, we also carry sprays and shampoos that are safe for the entire family to use. Stop by The Pet Beastro on your way out the door for your next trip up north or to the beach and we’ll help guide you to the best flea and tick remedy for your pet.


  1. Jill  Tack Jill Tack

    Yes, garlic is safe for dogs and cats as it has many immune-boosting properties and that there is unfortunately a misconception about that particular herb. Alfalfa is also safe. We do extensive research into products that come into our store and we would never carry anything that would be harmful to any pets. Here is a link to more of our blogs that speak to the benefits of garlic:

  2. Karen Karen

    Hello, I’ve heard that alfalfa and garlic are bad for dogs . Can you explain why this is in your product? Is it a certain amount that is bad for them? How is the powder processed ?
    Thank you

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