How To Treat My Cat Or Dog's Seasonal Allergies Naturally

How To Treat My Cat Or Dog's Seasonal Allergies Naturally

Seasonal allergy causes in cats and dogs and how to treat them with safe and all-natural products.

Treating Allergies In Cats And Dogs

Achoo! Yep, allergy season is upon us. Seasonal allergies can cause discomfort in both humans and animals. Dogs tend to be more effected by seasonal allergies over cats but they too can show symptoms. Symptoms can include:

  • sneezing
  • wheezing
  • running nose
  • runny eyes 
  • external itching including the eyes
  • and other symptoms that may resemble hayfever

What causes seasonal Allergies in cats and dogs? 

Allergies are often brought on by our seasonal changes where we have plants that come into bloom causing pollen and other inhaled allergens which in turn inflames our respiratory system. Most often the “weeds” and plants that cause these allergens can sometimes be the plants that help us heal from respiratory allergens. 

How to get rid of Allergies in cats and dogs:

There are a few ways to approach allergens. Many over the counter or prescription medications will suppress allergy symptoms making them disappear quickly but in turn, pushing symptoms further into the body. This may cause them to flare or worsen over time if the body never has a chance to repair and heal. 

At The Pet Beastro we like to suggest an all-natural approach to giving allergy relief for your pet. We understand that at times, you may have to rely on pharmaceuticals to get symptoms back in check but oftentimes these can be used in conjunction with natural remedies. 

Natural ways to reduce Allergies for cats and dogs:

Here are a few of the safe products that we suggest to help your pet with allergies.

Nature’s Sunshine Histablock

This product contains Quercetin which is a bioflavonoid that is found in plants. It is known as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties. We often refer to Histablock as a natural replacement for Benadryl. Histablock has herbal ingredients that are safe for your pet instead of the lengthy list of synthetic ingredients that you would find in over the counter antihistamine products. 

Animal Essentials Seasonal Allergy

This is another fan favorite. Nettle is one of our favorite herbs that can combat seasonal allergies which is part of this blend. We also like this remedy because it is liquid-based which is easy to administer to cats and picky dogs who avoid capsules. 

Herbsmith AllerQi

This Chinese herbal blend formulated by Dr. Chris Bessent to help cool the skin and have the body’s normal functions return to balance. This formula comes in both powder and tablets for cats and dogs. Dr. Bessent is an excellent Traditional Chinese Medicine veterinarian who understands how Yin (female and cooling portion of our body’s energy) melds and transforms with the Yang (male and warming portion of our body’s energy) when she formulates each herbal supplement. 

Answer’s Goat Milk

This fermented milk product can do wonders for dog’s who have skin allergies that morph into excessive yeast issues. The fermentation process allows for all-natural probiotics to help replenish the gut and support the immune system. Fermented goat milk helps to rebalance pH of the stomach, reduce yeast overgrowth, reduces inflammation, and acts as a natural antihistamine. This is beneficial for both cats and dogs. 

This is a quick recap of a few select products that we carry to help relieve allergy symptoms. We always like to have additional information about your cat or dog so we can make more individualized recommendations as each of our pets are unique and different. Give us a call at 248-548-3448 and we will be happy to ask a few questions and provide a few options to help your cat or dog get rid of their allergy symptoms.


  1. Jill  Tack Jill Tack

    Hi Veronica, I would like to hear a little bit more about your pet. I am going to have you call our store and talk with one of our staff about this. If there is an underlying condition there may be more to it. (248) 548-3448

  2. Veronica parrottino Veronica parrottino

    My three yr old Doberman sheds a lot She also started to get hives so I gave her Benadryl. What do you recomend for her

  3. Jill  Tack Jill Tack

    You may want to try a probiotic and some raw food to help with the licking and yeast. ;-)

  4. Lynn Glinski Lynn Glinski

    Tank licks his paws the vet has him on medication it helps but sometimes I still catch him he also gets infection in his eyes he put him on an antibiotic he is part pug and Frenchie

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