Etta Says All Natural Dog Treats

Etta Says All Natural Dog Treats

Versatile and tasty, Etta Says treats offer a wide variety of healthy afternoon snacks, training treats, and safe natural chews! Find out more about these nutritious and delicious snacks in our blog.

If you’re looking for a dog treat brand that is as versatile and has as much variety as it is tasty, then Etta Says is a great selection for your four-legged friend! Etta Says offers a wide variety of healthy afternoon snacks, bite-sized training treats, and safe natural chews that are made with nutritious and delicious all-natural ingredients! Every Etta Says dog treat is proudly made in the USA with 100% pet-safe natural ingredients that are free from any artificial additives, colors, or preservatives! 

Human-Grade Dog Treats

When it comes to afternoon snack-time, Etta Says has a variety of tasty treats to keep your dog full and energized throughout the day! 

  • Etta Says Yumm Sticks are irresistibly drool-worthy! These meaty sticks are just like natural healthy Slim Jims for your furry friend! These meat sticks are soft, chew, and gentle on your puppy's tummy! Only made with human-grade ingredients and smoked proteins with spices for a savory and flavorful snack! 
  • Etta Says Snack Bars and Deli Sausages are similar snacks to satisfy your dog’s meaty cravings! These snacks are made with 95% pure meat to keep your pet full and focused! Every Etta Says meat treat is free from any gluten, soy, or artificial additives. All of these meaty treats are perfect for boosting your dog’s energy after long walks, hikes, travel, play sessions, and more!

Limited Ingredient Dog Training Treats

If you want to teach your pup a new trick or two, Etta Says Sit! Training Treats are a perfect choice! These bite-sized treats are the perfect reward that makes training easy and fun! These training treats feature limited-ingredient recipes that are low-calorie, making them a great guilt-free option for training! Their small size also makes them great for dogs of all ages and sizes! These bites are free from any gelatin, wheat, corn, soy, or artificial additives.

All Natural Dog Chews

Looking to keep your canine companion out of trouble? Try one of many Etta Says all-natural chews! Etta Says offers bully sticks, meaty chews, and crunchy chew bars to keep your pup happy and out of mischief! All of Etta Says chews are also great for your dog’s dental health! 

  • Etta Says Bully Sticks are perfect for aggressive chewers that scarf down their chews. These tough bully sticks are long-lasting to keep your dog occupied. Made with natural ingredients that are easily digestible. Great for dogs with sensitive stomachs or food sensitivities. These flavorful chews come in a variety of savory flavors like lamb, chicken, and turkey! 
  • Etta Says Crunchy Chews are a softer chew option for less aggressive chewers. These meaty chews will have your dog’s tail wagging! These chews are a great source of protein to keep your dog energized all day long! Limited-ingredient recipes that are easily digestible for sensitive tummies. Choose from venison, elk, buffalo, and many more!
  • Etta Says Crunchy Chew Bars are a unique flavorful chew your dog will love! These special snack bars are made with pure proteins and wholesome ingredients like chia seeds, apples, and sweet potatoes for a nutritious and delicious chew! These are also a great option for sensitive stomachs. They are also grain-free to tailor to all dietary needs. 

Reward your furry family member with a tasty treat from Etta Says today! Shop their wide varieties in-store at The Pet Beastro or browse our online store to see all their delicious and nutritious options! 


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