New Year, New Savings For Cats And Dogs!

New Year, New Savings For Cats And Dogs!

Happy New Year! Many of us are looking forward to the new year, new start, and new habits! Keeping your pet's nutrition in mind is vital to your pet's health and longevity. So start the new year off right and introduce your cat or dog to fresh, raw food!

Happy New Year! Many of us are looking forward to the new year, new start, and new habits! Whether you believe in making a resolution, change, or simply forming new hobbies, the new year is something for all of us to have a renewed focus on ourselves, our homes, and our pets.

Nutrition is often a part of new habits and new year focus. If you are making changes to your nutrition and eating habits, we ask that you take your pet’s diet into consideration as well. We feel that well-balanced nutrition plays a key role in your cat or dog's overall health, wellbeing, and mental state of mind. Simply remind yourself that we need to put the right fuel in the body for it to function optimally and it's no different for our four-legged friends. We have some great starter options to help you build better meal options for the month of January and the rest of 2022!

If you have never experienced the freezer aisle at The Pet Beastro, we have loads to offer! We carry in store over 20 brands of raw food, toppers, and frozen treats that can all be found in our frozen food section. We always focus on how important it is to incorporate fresh food into your pet's bowl. Having fresh food can increase your pet's lifespan and decrease chronic disease later in life. Feed better. Feel Healthier. Live longer. It sounds like a win-win situation.

Three Types Of Primal Pet Food Toppers

If you don’t know where to start or how to start with fresh food, Primal Toppers is the easy peasy option. Each topper can be fed on its own, mixed into your pet's bowl, smeared on an enrichment mat, loaded into an interactive toy, or even fed as a quick mid-day doggie daycare snack. The toppers can be fed thawed or frozen or even room temperature depending on what your cat or dog prefers or the way you serve the snack. Save up to 65% on our Primal faves during the month of January. 

  1. Primal Butcher’s Blend For Cats & Dogs

Primal Butcher’s Blend is a meat-only blend that is meant to be added to your pet's current complete and balanced diet. These quick thaw morsels are great as they add hydration and fresh food and are for both cats and dogs. If you have limited freezer space, these small 2 lb packages are easy to store on the door. You can scoop out as much as you need for up to 3 days while the remainder stays in the freezer for freshness. You can thaw the morsels 10 minutes before mealtime if you forgot to pre-thaw. Any leftovers can be stored in the fridge until the next mealtime. We love that the butcher’s blend is single protein to help with pets who have sensitivities or allergies to particular foods to support a simplified mealtime.

  1. Primal Bone Broth For Cats & Dogs

A topper that is a bit more simplified is our favorite pet-safe bone broth from Primal Pet Food. This thick gelatinous liquid is pourable over food or simply poured into a bowl for your pet to drink. You could even refreeze into interactive toys and mats for some added fun. Bone broth is a great way to add nutrients such as collagen, trace minerals, and vitamins that are bioavailable and easily assimilated when being digested. Bone broth is a low-calorie and low-fat option that can be beneficial to pets that may suffer from pancreatitis (acute or chronic), obesity issues, hip, knee, and other joint pain, and support gut health for those who may have been diagnosed with intestinal issues.

  1. Primal Functional Fresh Toppers For Cats & Dogs

Primal’s functional Fresh Toppers are used to support different body systems based on your pets needs. These are designed for both cats and dogs in mind. However, the Fresh Toppers typically are easier to win over with dogs as most cats don’t care for veggies in their bowl. 

Fresh Toppers are available in the following flavors: 

Each blend is mixed with pork bone broth and probiotics. Awesome Squash is supportive to the digestive system. Power Greens supports immune system function. Omega Mussels supports joint health. You can rotate through each of the different flavors to add something different to your dog's bowl plus support different areas of the body with each flavor. If you have a smaller dog and won’t use the container within seven days of thawing, you can refreeze into smaller portions and thaw as needed for freshness. We suggest the Messy Mutts Silicone Treat maker if you don’t already have a great option for smaller portions. 

Nulo Bone Broth For Dogs & Cats

Who doesn’t love a bowl of nutritious bone broth this time of year? Save up to $3.00 on Nulo’s broth in either 2 oz packets or the 20 oz pouches. These shelf-stable pouches are great to have on hand when in need. You can also warm them to provide added nutrition during these cold northern winter months. Simply pour over your pet's kibble, feed separately in a bowl warmed up, or freeze into an interactive mat for an added challenging brain game when it’s too cold to walk outside. Choose from the following flavors:

Freestyle Classic Turkey Bone Broth

Freestyle Classic Chicken Bone Broth

Freestyle Classic Beef Bone Broth

Vital Essentials For Cats

Vital Essentials is a great option for your feline friends that love raw food! Choose from either 14 oz tubs or pre-portioned patties for your convenience. This raw cat food is a limited ingredient, gluten-free option all while following a prey model diet. You can find four flavors that are complete and balanced for cats of all life stages. Celebrate with buy 3 and get 1 free for the entire month of January!

Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Looking for something new for the New Year to enhance your dog’s bowl? Try adding Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Freeze-Dried dog food as a topper or complete meal. This simple just add water food smells like a home-cooked meal when reconstituted. You could even rehydrate with bone broth or goat milk for added benefits. The Artisan formulas are made in small batches right here in the United States in their California kitchen. If you are looking for a canned food alternative that is more budget-friendly, then you will definitely want to give the Artisan Recipes a try! Choose from Chicken or Pork in the one-pound size for the buy one, get one offer for the month of January.

Fussie Cat Cans & Dry Food

Do you have a fussy kitty at home? Look no further than the Fussie Cat line of cans and dry food. Loads of flavor and variety options. For the month of January, you can save up to $6.00 on the Market Fresh Salmon & Chicken Meal dry formula. We also appreciate the added savings with the frequent buyer program of buy 12, get 1 free. This program is electronically tracked in store for your convenience with each purchase. 

Primal Pet Foods Antler Chews For Dogs

In 2021, Primal Pet Foods expanded and launched additional treats and chews in their pet offerings. For the month of January, they are giving you the chance to save on their new antler chews ranging in sizes from small to extra-large sizes from whole antlers to split options. Choose from elk, stag, or moose varieties. Savings start at $2.00 and up to $7.00 off per antler with a limit of four per customer. Antlers provide a longer-lasting chew for those dogs and puppies who can be hard or aggressive chewers. We always suggest giving it for a reasonable chew time session as excessive chewing can be hard on the teeth and gums. These antlers are naturally shed, 100% all-natural, and will vary in shape, color, and size. If your pup shops with you, they can choose their favorite!

Kick-off 2022 Right And Add Fresh Food To Your Pet’s Bowl

There is no better time than now in the New Year to improve your pet’s bowl! I think it would be fair to say that each of us has a long-term goal to keep our pets' health in tip-top shape so they can be with us on planet earth for as long as possible. We hope you consider nutrition as part of your long-term plan with your cats and dogs for their longevity. As I always say, we need to put the right fuel in the body for optimal health and wellness. If you have further questions, any one of our staff members can help you find the right option for your pets! Visit us at our retail store in Madison Heights, Michigan, or visit our natural pet food, treats, toys, and supply store online to learn more.


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