My Dog and/or Cat Hates Fireworks

My Dog and/or Cat Hates Fireworks

During the 4th of July holiday, our pets can have firework anxiety. We have a few natural suggestions that can help you help your cat or dog get through this stressful holiday.

My dog and or cat hates fireworks. What should I do?

Here we are again... the July 4th holiday is just around the corner and it seems that neighbors and neighborhoods have more fireworks than usual. 2020 has certainly proven to give us interesting terrain this year with Coronavirus. Many of us are choosing to stay home and make decisions for the holidays that may be different this year compared to past years. If you are home this year, you may learn that your neighborhood is full of loud, window-rattling booms that cause your cats and dogs to hide out of fear. Many neighbors are bored and looking to make themselves some entertainment that may include firecrackers, M-80’s, and all the other loud noisemakers. 

If you are new to pet ownership and you aren’t sure what firework anxiety might look like, below are some of the symptoms you will most likely see in your pet.

  • Trembling, sometimes non-stop, uncontrollable shaking
  • Pacing, this often includes drooling and not ever finding a comfortable place
  • Seeking shelter, which may include a dark room, closet, bathroom, tub, basement, etc.
  • Clingy, this is often to one person in the house and is glued to their side during the fireworks
  • Urination / Defecation, the fireworks are too much which causes an accident in the home
  • Vocalization, howling and constant whining can be a result of coping
  • Destruction, if your pet is left at home alone and they become scared your couch, pillow, shoes, window sill, etc. could be a way to release anxiety

If you have a pet at home that I described above, you definitely need to start your natural remedies for anxiety today! Depending on your cat or dog, we have powders, liquids, chews, treats, capsules, and room sprays that could all be part of your remedy routine for the anxiety. If your pet is severely affected by the fireworks, then you may choose to have multiple remedies. Our suggestions and supplements at The Pet Beastro are safe for both cats and dogs to use daily and will not make your pet drowsy or knocked out like some of the pharmaceutical choices. What can you do to give our cats and dogs ways to cope through these summer anxiety nightmares?

Products That Can Help

For starters, if you have a pet with chronic anxiety and fear, it’s best to start by nourishing the nervous system. The nervous system is a two-part system made of the Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System that controls all aspects of the body from breathing, to digestion, to glandular support, to feeding messages to the brain, how we respond to situations, and so much more! One of the easiest ways to feed the nervous system is with essential fatty acids. We have options that include both animal-based and plant-based oils. One of our favorites at The Pet Beastro is Ultra Oil. This blend consists of anchovy, sardine, and hemp seed oil and is great at adding fats back into the body which in turn also feeds and bathes that frayed nervous system. Essential fatty acids are safe to use daily with both cats and dogs. Many times owners notice differences elsewhere when using Ultra Oil beginning with a decrease in skin & coat problems and better mobility with senior pets. It sounds like an all-around bonus for the body! 

Hemp or CBD Products

Another great remedy for protecting the nervous system is pet safe hemp products that have cannabidiol properties. Most often known as Hemp or CBD, these treats and oil can be very beneficial for reducing anxiety, supporting the nervous system, and acting as a neuroprotectant. In addition, Hemp or CBD products can have a dramatic effect on animals who are most severe during fireworks. Hemp or CBD is safe to give daily and for best results pets should be given a dose every 12 hours. We love our Hemp or CBD options because there are so many ways to administer this remedy that all pets can benefit from. At The Pet Beastro, we are very picky about our hemp products and making sure companies use full-spectrum hemp and follow strict quality control guidelines. We have Hemp and CBD products that are in treat form, honey-infused, peanut butter infused, capsules, topicals, and oils that can be given with or without food. 

If you have already tried Hemp or CBD options and you don’t think they were very effective, we also have non-CBD options. These options contain nervine herbs. Nervine herbs are those that support the nervous system and have a calming effect on the body. They can also help with mood stability. Most of the options we carry are fast-acting and owners see results often in 30 minutes or faster. These herbal remedies can also be used in combination with other remedies and CBD products for the best results with over the top anxiety pets. Our team tends to suggest these remedies with situational anxiety that may include trips to the vet or groomers, thunderstorms, car rides, and unannounced fireworks.


Although we are not fans of the pharmaceutical options, we understand that some animals are so severely affected by panic and fear of fireworks that it might be the only quick fix for calmness. However, we would still encourage you to explore a way to incorporate natural remedies in conjunction with the pharmaceuticals for a long term solution. Drugs are not meant to be an everyday solution when dealing with anxiety and could leave your pet drowsy or disoriented leaving less of a chance for them to process fear and anxiety. 

Around this time of year, The Pet Beastro is fully stocked in all aspects of anti-anxiety remedies! We have options for cats and dogs of all sizes. Stop in for our team to help put the right combination together for your anxiety pet. We want nothing more than for a stress-free holiday for you and your cat or dog in your home. Please visit our website at or call the store at (248) 548-3448 and anyone of our staff members can help you choose the right product and best delivery method with a few quick clarifying questions about your pet. 


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