Fireworks, Thunderstorms & Pet Anxiety

Fireworks, Thunderstorms & Pet Anxiety

‘Tis the season of summer fun where many of our neighbor’s light fireworks and the thunderstorms roll into our surroundings. Dog owners with high anxiety and fear often dread this time of year. We want to help you create an anxiety toolbox with extra accessories to help get through those tough situations with the hopes of making everyone in the house less stressed.

‘Tis the season of summer fun where many of our neighbors light fireworks and the thunderstorms roll into our surroundings. Dog owners with high anxiety and fear often dread this time of year. Let us help you create an anxiety toolbox with extra accessories to help get through those tough situations with the hopes of making everyone in the house less stressed.

Braving the Storm

As pet parents with dogs who hide under the bed, find the darkest closet, hide in the basement under stairs or resort to wrapping themselves around the toilet to find comfort, we have some items in stock just for you!

There are always fundamental precautions to take with your pet during the holiday. These simple ideas could include giving them a safe space such as the basement, keeping them inside to avoid fence hopping and running off during fireworks, turning on a radio, tv, or sound machine to drown out the noise happening externally of the house, and even giving them extra exercise during the day to give them a reason to sleep or relax in the evening hours.

As you can understand, our dogs are very sensitive to noise and energy. It just recently became legal to shoot off fireworks within neighborhoods that are so close to our living quarters so we don't have to leave home to run into noise triggers. When something so loud is unexpected or even worse rattles the house, it can be very startling to both our nervous system as well as our pets.

Understanding the Nervous System

To understand the remedies listed it is best to have a bit of understanding about our nervous system. When panic, anxiety, and fear is introduced, our body quickly turns on our autonomic nervous system. This system activates when our adrenals turn on, producing adrenalin hormones to activate our pets fight or flight response. When the system is “turned on” too many times without recuperation time between episodes, it will deplete the adrenal glands to the point of overcompensation which in turn can be associated with adrenal exhaustion. Symptoms that your pet may exhibit include panting, labored breathing, pacing, refusing mealtime, trembling, shaking, drooling, excessive barking or whining, and simply just not being able to settle. When these symptoms are present, it then becomes our job as our pets' caregiver to rebuild that system for it to work properly when faced with oncoming loud noises, being left home alone, getting startled or simply feeling stressed and anxious for no reason.

Below are some of our favorite remedies to help with the stressful summer events.

Earth Animal Calm Down

This liquid tincture is a blend of herbs and flower remedies. As a pet owner, you would appreciate this combination because it helps with both the physical aspect of supporting the nervous system while the flower remedies support the emotional component. I also appreciate the fact that this supplement is a liquid. It is very difficult to get a dog to eat a powdered supplement or capsule when they are panting, pacing, and scared. It is best to give this tincture daily rather than just during times of stress. This calming blend can also be used for cats.

Pet Releaf Tincture 

This is the go-to remedy for pets that have extreme anxiety. I have seen and heard customer stories about the Pet Releaf products working quickly and often within just a few doses. This can work with pets who have extreme anxiety but also is great for pain, inflammation, skin issues, seizures, arthritis, and cancer symptoms. This remedy can be used for both cats and dogs!

Animal Essentials Tranquility Blend

This simple herbal combination of valerian root, skullcap, passion flower and oat flowers is great for both cats and dogs. Again, easy administration as you don’t have to request your pet to eat or swallow to get this tincture into their system and working.

July Third

This Chinese Herbal blend has been created by Dr. Chris Bessent. She has made this combination chew for fast acting results. This is the go-to remedy when your dog’s anxiety is elevated or the fireworks sound like they are in the front yard. We have customer testimonials that claim it works in as fast as 15 minutes to help calm their dog. It can be used in combination with Herbsmith Calm Shen for added results. This supplement's main job is to maintain a normal and relaxed disposition when your pet is presented with outside circumstances that cause anxiety. This could be due to thunderstorms or fireworks but may also result from separation, changes in daily routines, trips to the groomer, meeting strangers, traveling or boarding.

Ultra Oil

This supplement provides fats to soothe the already frayed nervous system. You can start this supplement early in the spring to help with the summertime events. You will find essential fatty acids in fish or plant-based oils such as salmon oil, flax seed oil, or a combination such as Ultra Oil.

What to do the rest of the year?

Where do you begin and how do you pick the right supplement? First, you need to assess your pet's behaviors and anxiety triggers. Where is the anxiety or fear stemming from? Is it situational and just quick bouts of stress from a night of fireworks or is your dog so fearful from the fireworks they refuse to go outside and potty days later because they associate outside with fearful noises? Or is your dog glued to your side and emotionally dependent on you because of the fear within? Once you narrow down whether its situational, emotional, or physical, we can work to match the right remedy to your pet.

If you'd like to learn more about any of these tools for helping to deal with your pet's anxiety and how to help them through any upcoming stressful situations, stop into The Pet Beastro and we can determine the best form of support for your pet.


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