Durable & Tough Dog Toys

Durable & Tough Dog Toys

Fluff & Tuff offers a variety of durable plush & squeaky dog toys that are built to last! If your pooch is destroying their toys after only getting mere minutes with them, you will want to read on.

Does your pooch tend to destroy all their brand new toys in a matter of minutes? If your answer is yes, then Fluff and Tuff is the perfect brand of toy for your pup! Fluff & Tuff offers a large variety of high-quality, durable plush and squeaky dog toys that are tough and built to last! This trusted, independent Michigan business is a fan favorite among The Pet Beastro staff and customers!

About Fluff & Tuff Dog Toys

Fluff & Tuff was founded in Michigan in 2010 by Ellen and Chris Lawson, a couple who is passionate about pets and wanted to use their love of dogs to create safe and long-lasting toys that are held to a higher standard. Together the couple used their guiding principles of “durable yet attractive toys, exceptional customer service, and philanthropy wherever possible” to bring their customers and their pets the best toy around. For over ten years, Fluff & Tuff has paved an innovative path for new and exciting dog toys that pets enjoy everywhere. 


Why Are Fluff & Tuff Dog Toys Different

What makes Fluff & Tuff stand out from the pack? Their dedication to providing pets with premium-quality toys is unmatched! Each toy features a plush outer fabric and a thick inner layer of Tuffweb™ mesh liner that is resistant to tears. They also contain multiple squeakers throughout the toy for lots of squeaky fun your dog will love! All Fluff and Tuff toys are machine-washable and dryer-friendly for easy cleaning. Safety is a top priority at Fluff and Tuff. All toys are held to the same safety standards as kids’ plush toys for peak quality control and safety. Non-toxic polyester filling is used. Eyes on toys are embroidered to prevent breakage. All toys are ICTI factory certified. They are also double-scanned for foreign or metal objects and independently tested for lead and phthalates.

Tough Dog Toys That Are Cute

Another fun aspect of Fluff and Tuff is their creativity and uniqueness! Fluff and Tuff offer unique limited-edition dog toys you won’t be able to find anywhere else! Every toy is custom-designed by the company’s creative team to create unique one-of-a-kind dog toys! They also offer new toy releases semi-annually always to bring new toys to their customers! Their toys come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Making it super easy to find the perfect match for your pup. You can find each one that we carry here, but here's an example of what they have:

  • Cedar Salmon Large
  • Honey Bear Medium
  • Inda Alpaca Medium
  • Bob Zebra Large
  • Danny Dolphin Medium
  • Cheetah Bone Extra Large
  • And a lot more!

High-Quality Dog Toys That Last

Every Fluff and Tuff dog toy is tested by its impressive four-legged research and development team, Georgia and Harry! Harry is a hound-mix that loves rope and tug toys. Georgia is a pit bull mix that loves to tear and bite her toys. Georgia was one of the main inspirations for Ellen and Chris to create Fluff & Tuff. The couple needed a higher-quality toy to keep up with Georgia’s love for destroying her toys which inspired them to create their own!

Independent Dog Toy Company That Gives Back

Fluff & Tuff gives back to their community. Since 2015, Fluff and Tuff have donated over 10,000 toys to pets in need. Fluff & Tuff supports many animal shelters, rescues, and organizations across the United States to help give back to our furry friends. Fluff & Tuff also designs a special Holiday Charity Toy that is available for purchase from October through January. 100% of the profits from the sale of this toy are donated to help provide food for dogs in need. Another yearly charity Fluff & Tuff prides itself in is a month-long donation campaign to give toys to dogs in need. The company invites customers to share a photo of their dog with a Fluff & Tuff toy on social media. For every photo posted with #IGiveAFluff, the company donates a toy to a dog in need. 

We ruff this company and these durable dog toys so much! 

We sat down with Ellen Lawson, the owner, and president of Fluff & Tuff, and asked her a few questions. 

1. Why did you start Fluff and Tuff?

Basically, I was looking for something I couldn’t find for my own dogs, so I created it myself.  At the time, there weren’t a lot of high-quality dog toy options (in 2009) that also had the look of a realistic animal.  My dogs would tear through plush toys very quickly yet really loved them.  I thought if I could create a toy out of higher quality materials with better construction standards, maybe the toys would withstand a bit more from my dogs.  I had family friends who owned children’s plush toy companies, so I reached out to them and learned as much as I could from them – then took what I learned and created our first few toys.  

2. What makes a Fluff and Tuff toy stand out?

Most will tell you that you can pick a Fluff & Tuff toy out of a line-up easily.  Our unique, realistic-looking designs using the best fabrics available set us apart.  We don’t claim to be indestructible and mostly downplay our durability, though because of the quality of our materials and construction, for those dogs that can have plush toys, we strive to last a bit longer for them – depending on each dog’s individual play style with toys.

We are diligent about our quality standards and safety standards.  There aren’t any standards set for pet toys, but we expect our toys to meet the same US standards set for children’s plush toys.

3. What is your favorite aspect of your company?

It’s very hard to choose just one thing as I really love everything about Fluff & Tuff. 

I love designing the toys from starting with an idea, working on all the specific details, choosing the fabrics, and finally, deciding on just the right name.  It’s very stressful (what if no one likes a new design!) but also, very fun.

Fluff & Tuff is really just a small, family business and I enjoy our small team immensely – some are actual family members, and the rest are like family.  We’ve somehow naturally created a very supportive, collaborative, and hardworking group that I’m very proud of being a part of.

4. What charities does Fluff & Tuff support?

This might be the aspect of our company that is my favorite.  We have two major initiatives each year. 

Our Holiday Charity Toy – each year we design a unique holiday toy and donate 100% of our profits to pet charities.  We try to focus on smaller charities across the country in which our donation will make the most impact.  Last year, with the increase in the need for support resulting from the pandemic, we donated our funds to pet pantries in multiple states.

Our annual #IGIVEAFLUFF social media campaign runs each June.  For every photo posted/tagged with #igiveafluff – we donate a toy to a dog in need.  We’ve donated over 10,000 toys since 2014

5. Do you have a favorite Fluff and Tuff toy?

That’s a bit like picking a favorite child!  I’m very attached to our first few toys – Georgia Gator, Edsel Elephant, Rocket Raccoon.  They always make me smile just because without their initial popularity, we wouldn’t still be here now.

I love Olympia Octopus – her color, smile, and all her legs are just so fun!

Lobo Wolf is probably the toy I think is the best example of our line.  His fabric is amazing.

6. What are some exciting things happening in the company's future?

We’ll continue to introduce new designs this year – including adding to each size category, new squeakerless options, and adding crinkle fabric to a few toys later in the year.

They are always coming out with new products. Check out our online store for new collections.



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