Grooming Dos and Don'ts

Grooming Dos and Don'ts

The grooming process can be made as easy as possible by following these simple guidelines for keeping your dog well-cared for and looking dog gone terrific!

The grooming process can be made as easy as possible by following these simple guidelines for keeping your dog well-cared for and coiffed!

The Dos

Nail trims - Get your dog's nails clipped regularly. I recommend every 4-6 weeks. Long nails can not only cause dogs discomfort and but also cause their nails to chip or break. Longer nails may also be uncomfortable for your pup when walking or standing. In extreme cases, I’ve seen dogs nails curl around and embed into a dog's paw. It’s a good idea to keep your pup on a regular schedule for nail trims to avoid discomfort. 

Brushing - If you like your dog kept long and fluffy it is crucial that you brush them every day. Groomers can only do so much when it comes time for your dog’s grooming appointment. De-matting can be painful for dogs and stress them out. In extreme cases, your dog may have to be cut short or even shaved. To maintain a mat-free coat use a slicker brush on your dog. Once your pup is thoroughly brushed out go over their coat with a grooming rake/comb to make sure they are mat-free. 

Prebooking - It’s a good idea to prebook your dogs grooming next appointment while you are checking out. Sometimes owners might wait until the last minute to make a grooming appointment and might be disappointed when the groomer’s schedule is full. I recommend keeping your dogs on a 6-8 week schedule for their haircuts. 

Flea prevention - Fleas are not fun for anyone. The Pet Beastro offers many natural and alternative flea and tick options in-store and online here  Fleas can cause great discomfort for your pets. It may take extra time and money to care for a dog with fleas at their grooming appointment.

Pictures - When changing up your pup's hairstyle or if you’re looking for a specific length, make sure to bring a reference picture to show your groomer. A lot of dogs have different coats so make sure the dog in the picture is similar to your pup. Even if you switch to a new groomer make sure to show them a picture of your dog with your favorite haircut. 


Home grooming - A lot of people are guilty of this one. We all want to save money, but it’s dangerous to groom your own dog. I’ve seen and heard tales of dogs that had wounds from their owner’s home grooming attempts. Dogs can become distracted and move in an instant while you are clipping them, and you could end up spending more money at the vet from one wrong move. 

Don’t rush - If you need your dog done by a certain time let your groomer know while making your dog’s appointment so we can plan ahead. Your dog’s appointment may take time. Groomers bathe, dry, clip nails, clip fur to the desired length, scissor everything to make them look perfect, and clean your pup's ears. Some clients like to call to check up on their dogs which takes time out of the grooming process. Groomers will let you know what time your pup will be ready or will call upon completion. 

Cancellations - If you need to cancel or reschedule your dog’s appointment don’t wait until the last minute. It’s a good idea to give 24-hour notice. It could affect the groomer’s schedule and we may not be able to fill the appointment time with another client in time.

New puppy, Don’t wait! - When getting a new puppy it’s important to get them used to the grooming process early. Don’t wait too long to get them groomed! I recommend once your puppy is 10-12 weeks old to make a grooming appointment. It’s important to get puppies used to the bath, blow dryer, and clippers early. Puppies are usually very nervous and scared their first visit so a haircut is often not a good idea. I like to do what is called a Face, Feet, & Fanny trim.

New groomer? Don’t withhold details! - If you are visiting a new groomer for the first time make sure to let them know all about your dog. If they are scared of the dryer, if they bite for nail trims, if they don’t like crates, and, most importantly, if they have any health problems. It’s good to know these things ahead of time to make sure your dog is taken care of in the safest way. 

My name is Stephanie Roberts and I own Royal Pup Parlor in Royal Oak, Michigan. I have been working in the pet industry since 2011 and just opened up my grooming salon this year. I have two miniature dachshunds and two cats. When I’m not grooming I am spending time with my son, husband, and pets. I love making dogs look and feel their best. It’s rewarding seeing how great dogs feel after their grooming appointment! 


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