Grooming Basics For A Happy & Healthy Pet

Grooming Basics For A Happy  & Healthy Pet

Pets have more of a place in our lives and homes than they ever have. As pet groomers, our goal is to keep your pet comfortable, healthy, and as loveable as possible.

“How often should I have my pet groomed?” is one of the most frequent questions we as groomers hear. To simplify things, most groomers will say that the majority of pets should see a groomer every 4-6 weeks. This works for many pets to maintain a mat (tangle) free coat and comfortable nail length.

But I’m going to complicate things a little. All pets have different grooming needs based on breed, coat length, lifestyle, age and amount (and quality) of home coat care.

Nail Care 

Let’s start with nail care. Unless your pet is really active and on cement often, then she should have a nail trim about once a month. If your pet is very active, she will still need to have the dew claw (up higher on the inside of the leg) checked and clipped. If a pet is older or less active, she may need more frequent trimming to control the length of the vein that grows in the middle of the nail.
Overgrown nails can lead to a myriad of issues including broken nails, ingrown nails, nail infections, joint pain and, if left too long, over time the bones in the foot can shift and cause serious damage. If your pet's nails are touching the ground when it is standing still, then they probably need a trim.

Bathing & Haircuts

Bathing and haircuts depend on a number of factors.  What is your goal with your pet? Reduce shedding? Keeping a longer coat? Giving your pet a short sporty haircut? Minimize the amount of brushing required at home?  Pets with longer hair who don’t shed or whose parents are not able to brush often at home will need to be groomed most often.  
I see some pets every week or two just for brushing and combing to help keep the coat long and natural. If your pet has short hair or is able to be brushed and combed often at home then he can go longer between groomings. Lower maintenance pets (short hair, shedding) should be groomed at least seasonally to help with shedding associated with season changes. If you notice any mats (big tangles) or you can’t easily part the coat and see the skin, you should get your pet to see a groomer to avoid any discomfort for your pet.
Pets have more of a place in our lives and homes than they ever have.  They are in our cars, houses and apartments, on our couches, and in our beds. If uncertainty strikes, you can always go by a proximity test. If the funky smell of your pet has you kicking her out of bed or your hands feel greasy and dirty after petting your pet, then it is time to take your pet to the groomer. Ultimately our goal is to keep your pet comfortable and make them as loveable as possible.
My name is Jessica Conway and I have been a pet groomer for about 20 years. I own and operate Pet Spa Grooming in Plymouth, Michigan. I am the Director of Education and co-owner of the Bingo Institute of Grooming in Royal Oak, Michigan. I enjoy working with all breeds of cats and dogs, especially the ones in rescue needing some TLC. My family includes my two daughters, our dog, and two cats. I am passionate about grooming and teaching it because despite being challenging, making pets look and feel their best is a truly rewarding experience.


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    Hi Mary! Next time you stop in, we can give you names of a few local places that we trust! Looking forward to seeing you soon. ~Jill

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    I live in Madison hgts, how can I get a groomer near me, Royal Oak is good. Lily's groomer was at pet smart but he moved so whats a numer for me to call and find Lily a new groom?

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