Hop On In For April Savings For Your Cat & Dog

Hop On In For April Savings For Your Cat & Dog

Join us in April 2021 for additional discounts and savings in-store for you from select manufacturers.

Have you had a chance to participate in our ever-changing monthly in-store specials? Join us in April 2021 for additional discounts and savings in-store for you from select manufacturers. If you have joined our Loyalty Program, you are already signed up and taking part in the perks. If you are new to The Pet Beastro family, it’s easy and free to join our Loyalty Program. Just ask a team member during your next in-store shopping trip. If you have additional questions, any one of our team members will be happy to help!

Earth Animal Treats, Chews & Supplements

One of our doggie fan favorites at The Pet Beastro are Earth Animal treats, chews, and supplements. We are huge fans of the chemical-free flea & tick options from Earth Animal. Starting April 1st through June 30th, if you purchase an internal flea & tick prevention product you can get an all-natural flea collar or all-natural Spot-On prevention flea & tick treatment for FREE. These options are FURtastic for dogs with weakened immune systems or those who have allergic reactions to chemical treatments. It’s also great to have an alternative option for long trips up north or hiking in the woods during the warm summer months when fleas, ticks, and mosquitos are at their prime.

Inception Dog Treats

These simple ingredient dog treats are tasty and nutritious. The unique shape of this crunchy biscuit is easy to break into smaller bite-sized pieces if you need them for training, for rewarding smaller dogs, or to fill interactive toys. Inception limited ingredient dog biscuit treat options have meat protein as the first ingredient, making them a healthy reward. For the month of April, all flavors of these 12 oz. biscuits are Buy One, Get One FREE. You can choose from chicken, pork, fish, or chicken & pork combo.

FirstMate Pet Foods

Are you looking for new food? We love our friends over at FirstMate Pet Foods. This family-owned pet food company manufactures its own products, even its cans. FirstMate offers cat and dog dry food, canned food, and dog treats. They have grain-friendly options and grain-free options throughout their line-up. We also love how palatable the food is for our cat friends. Most cats and kittens can be particular about food and shape. Cat owners rave about how much their cats like the FirstMate products. During the month of April, you can receive $5.00 off 25 lb. or 28.6 lb. bag of dog kibble. Limit one per customer.

Weruva Tea Potty Pellet Cat Litter

If you are interested in a new litter for your cat's box, you might want to check out the Weruva Tea Potty Hinoki Wood & Green Tea pellet litter. This sustainable blend is helpful at keeping bacteria and odors away naturally. Pellet litter can be great for single-cat households and for those kitties who like a bit more substance in their box for digging. The litter comes in a 6.7 lb. bag or 11.7 lb. bag for your convenience with a discount of up to $5.00 off per bag. You can also receive a free Weruva pink litter lifter scoop. While supplies last. 

Honey I’m Home Dog Chews

What about a different type of chew for your dogs? Honey I’m Home has different textures and chews to keep your dogs busy during the muddy spring weather. These treats and chews are made from human-grade water buffalo and then coated in sustainably harvested honey. Grass-fed, free-range, grain-free, non-GMO, and no added antibiotics in the Honey I’m Home guarantee. Most options are also low calorie, low fat, low sodium, and low cholesterol. You can save $1.00 off training treats from Honey I’m Home in the month of April.

Nulo Freeze-Dried Pet Food

Does your pet like freeze-dried? If you have never tried freeze-dried food, Nulo has a great promotion for April. Nulo freeze-dried food is great to use as a food topper, kibble mix-in, high-value reward treat, snacking, interactive toy enrichment, and puzzle games. Nulo has varieties for both cats and dogs. When you purchase any size freeze-dried food from Nulo in April 2021, you will also receive two free meaty pouches. The pouches are a great way to boost your pet's bowl, try a new protein flavor, add hydration, or even use it as a midday snack. 

Open Farm Pet Food

Open Farm is all about transparency. Every product from this company has tracking and source ability tracing. This company wants you to know what is in their product that you are feeding your cats and dogs. We admire their transparency. Open Farm has dry food (grain-free and grain friendly), freeze-dried for dogs, homestyle stews, dog treats, gently cooked dog food, and goat & cow milk varieties. This month with each purchase of any size dry dog food, you can redeem one goat or cow milk option for free. You won’t want to miss out on this free offer that is up to $15.00 in savings!

Primal Pet Food

Who doesn’t love a good Primal Pet Foods deal? If you haven’t tried Primal freeze-dried, these nuggets are everyone’s favorite. Primal has flavor varieties for both cats and dogs with both poultry and non-poultry options. With each purchase of 14 oz freeze-dried, you can redeem one 16 oz Fresh Topper (formerly Edible Elixirs) for FREE. Fresh Topper's flavors are available in Awesome Squash, Power Greens, and Omega Mussels. Each one of these toppers is functional from gut health, immune-boosting, and joint health but it doesn’t stop there. Pork bone broth helps with liver cleansing and hydration while the added probiotics nourish the gut and immune system. These Fresh Toppers can be given to both cats and dogs to support overall health and wellness.

Beastro Reusable Bags

Help us reduce plastic and waste for Mother Earth. April 22 is Earth Day this year. You can make a difference by practicing recycling, using reusable bags, using reusable tumblers or mugs, planting trees, using non-toxic cleaning supplies, and so much more! In honor of Earth Day, we have both styles of our Pet Beastro reusable bags 50% Off. Did you know that one reusable bag can save up to 700 single-use plastic bags? That is worth the investment!

If you have had a chance to try any of the products mentioned above, we’d love to hear your feedback. What did your pet think of the treats, chews, toppers, or freeze-dried?


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