How To Calm Dog Or Cat Anxiety

How To Calm Dog Or Cat Anxiety

With the unprecedented times we are in, sometimes our pets don't understand their new routines or they feed off of the energy we give off. If we are stressed then they are as well. Learn more about hemp and how it can help your dog or cat.

Has 2020 brought you new challenges with your pets? I know many of us have had to make adjustments based on the pandemic circumstances. This might have included more zoom meetings, different scheduled appointments, and arrangements, more time at home, fewer trips to doggie daycare, or adding a new furry family member to your pack. Any of these could have disrupted you and your pet's routine or added new found stress. We hear daily about pets and their anxiety. Many times our pets aren’t too far removed from our own emotional state as they are energetic sponges of their environment. 

Can Full Spectrum Hemp Help My Dog or Cat? 

One of our favorite calming remedies is hemp products. We carry several different brands and several different delivery methods from treats to oils to capsules to honey infusions. We realize every pet is different which can require unique ways to get them to take supplements.

Should I Consider Hemp Products For My Cat Or Dog’s Negative Behavior?

Anxiety and fear can make our cats and dogs misbehave as they no longer make good choices in that mental state. With extremes, you could see: 

  • panting, 
  • pacing, 
  • snapping
  • biting, 
  • vocalization, 
  • urinating in the house, 
  • hiding, and 
  • even just plain checking out. 

Time and time again, pet owners using full-spectrum hemp have seen reduced symptoms of anxiety and the behavioral symptoms that correlate.

Why Use Pet Safe Full Spectrum Hemp?

When choosing a hemp product for your pet, it is uber important to make sure they pass quality control tests. We ensure that full-spectrum hemp is used, no chemical processing, organic plant material, transparency with the parent company, third party product testing, and so much more when screening hemp products for The Pet Beastro. There are a plethora of choices from human health food stores to dispensaries to find pet hemp products. Just like pet food, there is good, better, best when it comes to finding a high quality, sustainable, hemp product with no toxins. You want to make sure your selection is best and beneficial for your pet. Each brand that we carry also meets our Beastro Promise

When Should I Use Full Spectrum Hemp For My Pet?

This really depends on the level of anxiety your dog or cat is exhibiting. 

  1. If there is situational anxiety such as a grooming or veterinary appointment, then a few milligrams an hour or two ahead of the appointment might do the job. 
  2. If you are dealing with daily anxiety, then an oil with a dosage every 12 hours will help mitigate the extremes. 
  3. If you think your neighbors are going to have a fireworks party on New Year’s Eve, then a capsule a few hours before the New Year may help with the nervousness. 

If you choose to give a hemp product and the fireworks never happen, there is no harm to your pet. Full-spectrum hemp can be given safely to your pet daily without any damaging side effects. 

Is Hemp Just For dogs? Is Hemp Safe For Cats? 

Cats can also have anxiety issues although it seems to be less common. However, cats can also have full spectrum hemp on a regular basis to help with fear, anxiety, and stressors. Cats just seem to do a better job at disguising their fears. They also tend to find better hiding spots (under the bed, in a closet, retreat to the basement, etc.) when they want to avoid the stressor. We have seen many cats do very well with the oils that are added to food and seems to be the quickest delivery method as to not stress them any further.

This past year has been different in so many aspects, but we are here to support you and your pets! You can call the store at 248-548-3448 and chat with any of our team members that have experience with using hemp products for their own pets and they will share their experiences and help guide you to the right hemp product for your cat or dog.


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