January 2021 Dog & Cat Loyalty Program Specials Are Here!

January 2021 Dog & Cat Loyalty Program Specials Are Here!

Happy New Year! We have plenty of healthy in-store offerings for your cat and dog to start 2021 off on the right paw. You can find them in our blog here.

Happy New Year! We have plenty of in-store offerings lined up for 2021 for you to take advantage of when shopping with us. We hope your year is off to a fresh start for your four-legged friends. Every year in January, we have plenty of discounts and savings on fresh food that you can find in our freezer section. Many of our favorite companies participate in our January Fresh Start so you can begin to incorporate some of our top sellers in your pet's bowl. If you aren’t sure where to start, any of our team members would be happy to help!

Dog And Cat Food

You can save up to $6.00 on Nulo Freestyle Dog Kibble in the month of January. Nulo has a variety of grain-free diets that support puppy, adult, and senior dogs. They also have a great weight management food to help those struggling with weight loss. In addition to their food, we also carry other Nulo products that include canned food, training treats, meaty pouches, and jerky strips

Interactive Toys For Dogs

West Paw savings are new to our line up. For January, they are offering $2.00 off their line of ZogoFlex dog toys. We love suggesting these toys as they are great for chewers, swimmers, and smart pups. Many of their toys have an interactive component which we often suggest for dogs to keep busy during the cold winter months. If you haven’t seen the new Rumbl interactive toy, this is one you won’t want to miss. It is a multi-functional interactive toy that sells out often because of its popularity.

Treats For Interactive Dog Toys

If you pick up one of the West Paw interactive toys, you may want to head over to the treat aisle and grab a pack of Plato Dog Treats. These treats come in different shapes and sizes and fit nicely into many of our interactive toys. Shapes include sticks and rectangular pieces that would be great for training or a high value treat stuffed inside a toy. They have several protein options ranging from poultry to red meat to fish for you to find your pup's favorite. All 3 oz packages are $1.00 off from Plato for January. 

Cat Litter

If you are a new cat owner or looking for a better litter solution for your felines, Sustainably Yours cat litter is $6.00 off 26 lb bags for those new to the brand. This biodegradable, all-natural, and environmentally friendly litter is made from a combination of corn and cassava. This formula is great at clumping with firm clumps that make scooping easy, great odor control, and is chemical and fragrance-free. It is a very lightweight and easy to move litter for kitties who have sensitive paws. 

Frozen Raw Food For Cats & Dogs

Along with our fresh start savers, we also have a few added discounts for our frozen food selection. Lotus cat recipes in the 24 oz sizes are $5.00 off. VitalCat from Vital Essentials is buy 2, get 1 free on frozen cat food in either tubs or mini-patties. Our fan-favorite, Primal, has $3.00 off Pronto Formulas for both cat and dog formulas. 

The Pet Beastro is open for in-store shopping seven days a week. We continue to practice social distancing, mask requirements for entry, and a limited number of shoppers at a time within our space for safety. We are grateful for your continued support and hope you get a chance to stop by for some discounts on your next shopping trip. You can also shop our online store 24/7 for your dog and cat needs here


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