The Benefits of Feeding Raw Pet Food, A Story About Getting Started

The Benefits of Feeding Raw Pet Food, A Story About Getting Started

What a big difference in raw feeding and species-appropriate food truly helped my pets. Animals are meant to eat and live like they are instinctively and genetically brought up to!

January is our month to be RAWsome! So, funny story. I actually didn’t know about The Pet Beastro and all the wonderful options they had until I started! I had very little knowledge of raw and never thought about feeding it. My mindset was always, if it’s cheap and the ingredients aren’t bad and it’s grain-free, it’s good for me! Well, what I was feeding wasn’t terrible in terms of dry food, but it wasn’t optimal. I have been very educated and really blessed to learn so much I didn’t know about species-appropriate food, natural health, and what animals need in terms of nutrients from Dr. Jill and the team here at The Pet Beastro. They’re practically little kids that operate the same way we do, so why wouldn’t we feed them the same, right? 

I introduced raw about three weeks ago, and I didn’t integrate (slowly switch transition). I used up the rest of the dry food, and BAM! Now they’re on raw! I have two cats, a Nebelung that is 10 years old and a little, (permanent kitten) plush torbie (tabby and tortie) cat. I also have a pitbull who is two years old. They are all on a frozen raw diet with raw goats milk. So far, it’s wonderful. Not one of my animals has been picky for me thankfully, and they are so happy about this new diet! You can really see the natural instinct and enjoyment animals get from eating like they would in nature and being given what’s good for them. My cat experiences joint issues and they all experience skin allergies and I have noticed a HUGE difference in the short time I’ve been feeding raw and goats milk. Goats milk is a natural probiotic and anti-inflammatory. So far, I am switching up the brands to see what I like but I really do like them all. I have tried Primal, Steve’s, Vital Essentials, Small Batch and Nature's Logic with my pets at home.

I really never thought too much about feeding raw but I did care about what my animals were consuming and I was good about trying to be more natural and adding supplements when needed. What a big difference from what I thought I was doing right and what’s taking place now. Animals are meant to eat and live like they are instinctively and genetically brought up to! I highly suggest anyone who’s apprehensive just do your research and try it! Start slow and incorporate it, some raw is better than none. Dogs and cats are made permanently dehydrated by constant kibble and no added moisture in their food. Bone broth, goat milk, raw or canned are all good ways to just incorporate moisture and nutrients! You will not be sorry and your animals will show the improvement you probably didn’t even think you needed to see! I am so thankful to have gained insight and knowledge on species-appropriate food and how wonderful raw feeding truly helped my pets. 

Call us at 248-548-3448 if you have questions or even better stop by the store to pick up samples or chat with a staff member to help find the right options for your pets. 


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