International Dog Biscuit Day - The Best Dog Biscuits

International Dog Biscuit Day - The Best Dog Biscuits

To celebrate National Dog Biscuit Day, we want to show you all of the flavors, and varieties of high-quality natural biscuits, jerky, and treats The Pet Beastro has to offer! Read more to find the perfect snack for your canine companion!

To celebrate International Dog Biscuit Day, we want to show the possibilities, flavors, and varieties of high-quality natural biscuits and treats The Pet Beastro has to offer! From biscuits to jerky to training treats and so much more, The Pet Beastro is sure to have the perfect snack for your canine companion!

All of our carefully hand-selected treats fit The Pet Beastro promise. We only carry the highest-quality all-natural treats that are proudly made in the USA

The Pet Beastro Dog Treats Vs. Grocery Store Brand Dog Biscuits. 

  • Commercial dog biscuits can have as many as 90 different ingredients - many you would need google to decipher let alone learn how to pronounce! These can include harmful chemicals and carcinogenic ingredients like BHT and TBHQ. Many commercial dog biscuits also contain artificial additives and dyes that can be harmful to your pet. Compare that to our dog biscuits. 
  • All of The Pet Beastro’s dog biscuits are limited-ingredient, made in the USA, and only made with pure all-natural ingredients. Free from any artificial additives or added colors. Many of our treats are also free from grain, gluten, wheat, corn, and soy with options for low-calorie. This lets you find the perfect biscuit to tailor to your dog’s individual dietary needs.

We have many customer favorite dog biscuits that we want to shine a spotlight on for #NationalBiscuitDay! 

Cloud Star’s Wag More Bark Less Dog Biscuit

One of our top-selling brands is Cloud Star’s Wag More Bark Less biscuit line! This line of treats offers a variety of flavor-packed options for your dog! These crunchy biscuits shaped into adorable clouds, suns, and stars will be sure to brighten your pup’s day! These come in a wide range of yummy flavors made with pure peanut butter, cheese, bacon, and many more!

They even have a variety pack of biscuits so your pup can try an assortment of tasty flavors all in one box! Cloud Star’s Wag More Bark Less line offers both grain-free and grain-inclusive options to fit your dog’s dietary needs. And if biscuits aren’t your dog’s preference, they also offer soft and chewy options for them to enjoy! All of Cloud Star’s treats contain no corn or soy.

Pet’s Agree Biscuits

Another popular biscuit brand here at The Pet Beastro is Pets Agree Biscuits! All Pets Agree biscuits are made by a trusted family company in Vancouver, Canada. These biscuit bites are irresistibly crunchy and packed with flavor! Pets Agree biscuits are made with 100% natural ingredients and come in a variety of flavorful options like liver, salmon, bacon, and more! All of their biscuits feature limited-ingredient recipes, making them a great option for dogs with sensitive stomachs or picky eaters! They’re also a great low-fat snack, making them a nice choice for dogs that need to keep their weight down! They’re also free from any grain, wheat, corn, or soy, making them great for pets with special dietary needs!

Carna4 Carna Flora Biscuits

A hidden treat gem at The Pet Beastro is Carna4 Carna Flora Biscuits! These nutrient-dense treats are the perfect way to reward your dog while giving them an extra boost of essential vitamins and nutrients! Carna Flora biscuits feature a limited-ingredient sprouted seed recipe with fresh high-quality liver, fava beans, and sweet potatoes for a flavorful and healthy biscuit treat! They also have guaranteed levels of live probiotics, good for supporting digestive health. These nutrient-packed treats are a reward and supplement all in one! Carna Flora Biscuits are also a grain-free option for your pet. 

CBD Hemp Treats

If you’re looking for a treat option to reward your pet while keeping them calm and easing their anxiety, The Pet Beastro offers a variety of CBD hemp oil treats! Hemp treats use all-natural CBD oil to naturally calm your dog and relieve their anxiety. 

They offer healthy flavorful treats that keep your pet calm and relaxed. These treats are a great natural alternative for calming your pet during stressful situations such as separation, crating, travel, holidays, fireworks, storms, and more! Pet Releaf Edibites come in crunchy and soft and chewy options while Charlotte’s Web offers soft chews. Soft chews are great for senior dogs or breaking up for smaller mouths. 

Is your dog picky? Do they not care for hard and crunchy biscuit treats? Fear not! The Pet Beastro also has a wide variety of nutritious and delicious treats that aren’t crunchy! We have soft and chewy treats, jerkies, freeze-dried pure meat treats, training treats, and many more! We also have the perfect treat for dogs of all sizes, ages, and all dietary needs! 

Fruitables Crunchy Treats And Soft Chews

Fruitables offers both crunchy and soft and chewy limited-ingredient treats. This line is a meat-free option for those pups with allergies or sensitivities. Great for treating or training with several different flavor combinations for your pup to enjoy!

Meat Jerky Treats

Betsy Farms and Honey I’m Home have a variety of drool-worthy flavors of meaty jerky to reward your furry friend! Betsy Farms has a bunch of premium restaurant-style flavors like Smoked Beef Brisket, Honey Pulled Pork, and Chicken and Pumpkin Risotto! Honey I’m Home jerky treats are coated with sustainably-harvested pure honey for an irresistible sweet and savory snack! These are great high-protein treats!

Freeze-Dried Treats & Single Ingredient Treats

Oma’s Pride and Vital Essentials are a couple of The Pet Beastro’s top-selling brands of freeze-dried treats! They offer varieties of: 

  • pure meat
  • organs like heart, liver, lung, and more 

They are gently freeze-dried for a protein-packed single-ingredient treat! These single-ingredient treats are also great for dogs with sensitive stomachs or special dietary needs. 

Low Calorie Treats For Small Dogs

Etta Says Sit! Training Treats are the perfect reward for teaching your pup a new trick or two! These tiny treats are great for small dogs and are a perfect low-calorie choice! They are also free from any gelatin, wheat, corn, or soy. 

Besides the benefits of giving your dog a healthy and delicious treat, The Pet Beastro offers several treat brands that provide frequent buyer purchase rewards!  

  • Plato, 
  • Momentum, and 
  • Honey I’m Home brand 

These treats provide a special buy 12, get one free offer! This rewards your wallet while treating Fido to a new snack! 

Whether it’s crunchy biscuits or jerky or soft and chewy treats, The Pet Beastro has the perfect treat for your fur-baby to celebrate National Biscuit Day! Stop by in-store or browse online to see the endless variety of all-natural treats The Pet Beastro has for your furry friend!


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