National Detroit Pizza Day For Dogs & Cats

National Detroit Pizza Day For Dogs & Cats

Stop in-store on June 23rd, 2022 for National Detroit-Style Pizza Day and save 20% off all Pet Releaf products in June.

June 23rd, 2022 marks the celebration of National Detroit Pizza Day! 

What Is Detroit Style Pizza?

Detroit-Style pizza was first recognized at Buddy’s Pizza in 1946. How do you create a Detroit-style pizza? Well, it begins with the crust - deep and dense in its design, but light and airy in taste. The pizzas were baked in square pans (borrowed from the automotive industry) which achieved the unique square shape and flavor. 

Authentic Detroit-Style Pizzas layer the toppings backward, meaning they lay the gourmet pepperoni directly on the hand-stretched dough. Next comes a generous layer of Wisconsin Brick Cheese, spread all the way to the edges of the pan. The resulting caramelized cheese creates an incredibly crisp crust. Finally, racing stripes of tomato sauce finish the top. Detroit-Style Pizza has grown beyond Buddy’s into a nationwide phenomenon that you can find from Brooklyn to Denver to Los Angeles.

Pizza Flavored Dog Treats 

Do you ever find your pup drooling over the slice of pizza in your hand? Well, now you can get them their very own bite-sized pizza treat! The Pet Releaf Pizza Edibites are a great addition to your pup’s snack pantry while also receiving all the benefits of hemp. These pizza edibites smell and taste just like pizza as they are sourced with ingredients to represent the cheese, sauce, and pepperoni to give them their authentic pizza taste. Pet Releaf utilizes powdered raw goat milk as the “cheese.” Raw goat’s milk is known for supporting a healthy digestive system. Next, organic beet powder is used as the “sauce” which contains powerful antioxidants. Lastly, natural pork flavor is added for the “pepperoni” rounding out these awesome little pizza bites to share the love of pizza with your pup. Even better– we are offering 20% off all Pet Releaf products for the entire month of June. Stop in-store or use coupon code 'PetReleaf20Off' to redeem at checkout. 

Pizza-Themed Cat & Dog Toys

We didn’t forget about our feline friends! Kittybelle’s Catnip Toys offers a fun pizza toy filled with organic catnip and crinkle paper to keep your kitty entertained with all things pizza. For your squeaky toy-loving pup, P.L.A.Y. Dog Toys Snack Attack Collection has a Puppy-roni Pizza Toy.


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