Natural Remedies for Grief from Loss of Pet

Natural Remedies for Grief from Loss of Pet

Losing a pet can be a very difficult and profound experience. So many of us consider our pets part of our family so we must allow ourselves time to grieve their loss. The symptoms of grief we feel can take over the body, both physically and mentally and every individual shows or displays grief in their own personal way.

Losing a pet can be a very difficult and profound experience.  So many of us consider our pets part of our family so we must allow ourselves time to grieve their loss.  The symptoms of grief we feel can take over the body, both physically and mentally and every individual shows or displays grief in their own personal way.

Physical expressions of grief can include:

    • Crying
    • Lashing out
    • Loss of appetite
    • Weakness
    • Fatigue
    • Over or under sleeping

    • Aches and pains

These may or may not be combined with some of the following emotional symptoms:

    • Sadness
    • Anger
    • Shock
    • Anxiety

    • Depression

How long will it take before I feel better?

There is no set time frame. It will depend on factors such as how long you were with your pet and how deeply you were connected. You may notice that one day you feel better and the next day you feel worse again. The ups and downs are part of the grieving process. Everyone grieves differently, too. It is important not to beat yourself up because you think you are not “doing it right.” There is no right or wrong way to grieve. It is unique to each individual. Taking care of yourself and having a good support system during this time will go a long way in the healing process.  

Why is it important to honor your grief?

Honoring our grief is how we heal. If we don’t honor and acknowledge our grief, we may compound it. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself. If a friend invites you out to dinner and you don't want to go, be honest. It's OK to say no and it's OK if they get upset. Your friend might tell you that it would be good for you to get out or that you shouldn't isolate yourself. There are no rules. Only you know what's best for you so honor your feelings.

And what can I do?

Friendship Between Man And CatFor me, honoring my grief has meant leaning into the feelings as they come and accepting them, rather than pushing them away and judging them. After having an emotional release, it can be helpful to balance it with something such as a gratitude list. It is difficult to feel grateful, but it can be something really small such as, “I am grateful for my friends.”

Some other things you can do in memory of your pet may include:

    • Plant a tree
    • Make a donation to an animal rescue
    • Wear jewelry
    • Create a photo album
    • Honor your pet by letting them cross with grace
    • Consider therapy for loss
    • Go to a grief support group in your area
    • Journal

    • Write a letter to your pet and then write one back from your pet. Believe it or not, this can be really helpful.

What natural remedies can be used to help move past and clear grief?

If you feel you need extra support, consider natural remedies. They can assist in helping you access the tools that are necessary to move through the grief process, especially if you are experiencing feelings of hopelessness. If you feel stuck in your grief, we have some remedies that can help to dispel the deep hurt and pain that may linger from the passing of your pet (or any other reason you may feel grief). Our favorite natural remedies to help with emotional symptoms of grief are essential oils and flower remedies.

Essential Oils that are often suggested for grief are bergamot, frankincense, and white angelica.

    • Bergamot - Helps loved ones move through grief into acceptance and eventually joy.
    • Frankincense - Often used to anoint the deceased but also very helpful for depression.

    • White Angelica - To help see the divine in this process, protection, and for grief.

Flower remedies are also very beneficial for moving through emotional grief. They are very helpful with balancing emotions that have been out of balance for an excessive amount of time.

Our favorite flower remedies are:

    • Bleeding Heart – Good for grief.
    • Echinacea – For one who is emotionally shattered or experiencing deep grief for family members.
    • Five Flower Remedy – To assist with shock and trauma.

    • Red Clover – For those who are in hysteria with the grieving process.

We also have a few favorite homeopathics that could be helpful when working through grief.

    • Ignatia – Most often used remedy for deep internal grief. Allows you to process grief slow or quick depending on the potency.
    • Arsenicum – This can help the body decide on its state. It will help with the passing or allow them to perk up.
    • Aconite – Shock of diagnosis, phobias, anxiety, and fear of death.

    • Causticum – Signs of weakness from long-standing grief. Keeping late hours because you are caring for loved ones.

If you feel like you need some support to move through physical grief, we highly recommend Resonance Repatterning, which simply changes your outlook on life situations, both current and past state of emotions. Chloe Faith Wordsworth who founded this therapeutic technique joins the Chinese Five Element system with meridians, color, magnet, and sound therapy for the total experience. When you join these therapies together it allows the body to shift into a positive energy field allowing those things that used to bother you to the core to no longer take hold onto your physical being. Many times emotions settle into the body as physical pain.

To help you enjoy your life and know your pet is doing well on the other side of the rainbow bridge, it may be best to consider a pet psychic. You can speak to your passed animal through an animal communicator to find some balance by knowing that they are doing well in their spiritual realm. This information can bring comfort and sooth some of the grief. We host one at the store at least once a year, so keep an eye out for the next event.

If you feel like one of the above remedies may help you, please speak to one of our staff members at the store or by calling 248.548.3448, so we can help you choose which remedy might be best for your state of grief. We all deserve to be balanced. We all deserve to find peace. Our beloved pets would want that for us.



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