Natural Ways To Help My Cat Or Dog With Allergies

Natural Ways To Help My Cat Or Dog With Allergies

Adding Green JuJu to your dog or cat's diet can help them with allergies. It is packed with great ingredients that promote boosting your pets’ immune system.

Natural ways to help cats and dogs with Allergies

Do you have a dog or cat with allergies? Maybe a compromised immune system? If so, you are probably eager to do everything you can to help your pet become their healthiest. At my house and in my own experience, I found that the Green Juju is a great start.

What is Green Juju? 

Green Juju was created by a woman named Kelley Marian in 2014 after her dog Bailey was diagnosed with cancer, and discovered Bailey wasn’t strong enough to handle surgery. Taking a holistic approach to Bailey’s health, Kelley used a blend of green veggies that she found helped her with her own health. She used her knowledge and began giving Bailey the veggie blend along with other supplements and saw her improve; the cancer growth slowed down and her immune system was strong enough to make it through surgery. The Green Juju company and their mission comes from a place of passion.

Why Does Green Juju help allergies in pets?

What I love about their two veggie blends is that both are packed with great ingredients that promote boosting your dog’s immune system while also supporting the reduction of inflammation in the body. The blend consists of bitter greens such as celery, kale, broccoli, and cucumber; then adding some turmeric, ginger, lemon, and bone broth. All of the bitter greens help boost the immune system, add in some extra fiber, work to alkalize the body, all while feeding your dog’s system lots of vitamins and minerals that are in an easily assimilated form to feed the cells of the body. The turmeric, ginger, and lemon are considered anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and detoxing, respectively.

How to add Green Juju to your pet’s diet? 

What I find best about Green Juju is that you can add it to any meal for any dog and any age. My pitbull, Roxie, was a stray before we adopted her and still has some scavenging behaviors; such as, hunting for food after eating, and she has a habit of stealing food from the table or garbage. Originally, I thought maybe I wasn’t feeding her enough, so I fed her more; she still scavenged and got fat! After several failed attempts to find something that works, I finally tried Green Juju. I add a scoop to every meal to fill her up without adding a bunch of calories and fat. Most days the added greens in her meals are enough, but some days she still needs additional calories. On these days I simply give her Green Juju for a snack in between meals, she likes it by itself and it helps make her feel full without an added meal or heavy caloric load.

Benefits of Green Juju for your Cat or Dog. 

Originally, I started using the Green Juju to beef up Roxie’s meals, but since I have been giving it to her regularly for several months I now see improvements that I didn’t even think were issues to begin with. I have noticed the extra fiber from the greens has made her stool consistently firm and she is extremely regular which is great for timing her bathroom routine. Also, her coat is nice and soft and her skin is healthier!

Where to buy Green Juju for your pet?

Overall, Green Juju is an awesome whole food option for anyone with a dog or a cat! Healthy, not so healthy, young, old, and every dog in between. Green Juju is available in two recipes: Just Greens and Bailey’s Blend, and several sizes. They range from a 7.5-ounce container to a 30-ounce container. Check out Green Juju for curbside pick up and local delivery.


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