Spooktacular October Specials For Your Cat & Dog!

Spooktacular October Specials For Your Cat & Dog!

Did you know that every month we have in-store specials that are exclusive to you when you are part of our loyalty program? Check them out on our blog.

 Another month with some pawsome in-store specials for you and your furry friends. Just as the cool weather approaches, it’s a great time for chews, indoor interactive toys, and full changes of the litter boxes. With each of these in-store specials, you are required to sign up for our loyalty program in order to participate in our monthly deals. It’s free to sign up and you can start saving that same day! Once you have signed up for our loyalty program, you are ready for monthly savings going forward. 

Grandma Lucy’s Functional Pumpkin Pouch Supplements

Grandma Lucy’s offers four recipes that are easy to mix-in to your pets bowl.

Each supplement has a functional feature to support one of the following complaints: digestion, bladder, skin & coat, or inflammation. Each one of the pouches has a base of pumpkin then mixed with other superfoods to help your pet. Each flavor is made in the USA, meat-free, and low in fat for those sensitive pups.

Boss Dog Frozen Yogurt

Bog Dog offers three flavors for you to choose from for your pup. Although we have cooler weather, what pup doesn’t love a frozen yogurt dessert treat throughout the fall months? These greek style frozen yogurt dog treats are 4 cups per pack and have added probiotics to support gut health. Each flavor is made with 100% human-grade, non-GMO ingredients. You can choose from these flavor combinations: 

  • Peanut Butter & Banana, 
  • Cheddar & Bacon, or 
  • Pumpkin & Cinnamon. 

Nulo Freestyle Freeze-Dried Raw for Cats

Nulo Freestyle has two varieties of freeze-dried flavor for kitties: 

  • Turkey & Duck Recipe
  • Chicken & Salmon Recipe. 

These are a fan favorite for our feline friends. You can use these freeze-dried morsels as a complete meal, treats, treasure hunt, toppers, or simply mix into your cat's current food. These made in the USA morsels pair well with raw, canned, or dry cat food to keep your kitty interested in their food or to give them variety in flavor and texture. 

Nature’s Logic Raw Diet

Nature’s Logic has several flavors of raw to choose from that are formulated for our canine friends. You can choose from: 

  • chicken, 
  • beef, 
  • pork, 
  • venison, or 
  • rabbit. 

They are individually packaged keeping their freshness and juices sealed when thawing. Patties are available in both a 3.2 oz size which is great for small to medium size pups and an 8 oz patty which is great for large breed dogs or multi-dog households. Nature’s Logic follows a simple philosophy where all of their ingredients are from whole food sources. They never use fillers, additives, preservatives, or synthetic vitamins or minerals keeping their ingredient panel clean.

BoxieCat Air Litter

BoxieCat lightweight litter is a fan favorite in the cat club. Cats like the ease of moving and digging in the litter while the owners are thankful that it isn’t heavy and backbreaking to scoop, clean, and refill boxes. This formula is completely plant-based, non-GMO, and sustainable. Not only does BoxieCat have their discount on the BoxieCat Air Scent-Free Lightweight formula for October, they also participate in a Frequent Buyer Program for you. After 12 bag purchases of BoxieCat, your 13th bag is free. Great deal for all our cat owners!

Primal Treats

Primal simple meat treats are a great way to train and treat your cats and dogs or use it as a basic crunchy snack. Primal Liver Munchies are always a fan favorite here at The Pet Beastro. These one-ingredient treats are no-frills, high protein, grain-free, and made in the USA. Choose from:

  • pork liver or
  • beef liver for your next training session. 

Cats love these liver treats too!

Etta Says Deluxe Chews

Etta Says meaty chews are low fat with no artificial filler or preservatives, high ranking on the hardy chew meter for dogs, and fit our Beastro Promise. These Etta Says crunchy deluxe chews come in:

  • chicken, 
  • turkey, or 
  • lamb flavors and are approximately 7 inches long. 

These made in the USA chews would be great for small to medium-sized dogs.


Stop into The Pet Beastro this month and fall in love with these specials! 


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