Our Team - Meet Kaylee

Our Team - Meet Kaylee

We're proud of our team at The Pet Beastro! Meet Kaylee and find out what drew her to work at The Pet Beastro.

We are happy to welcome several new faces to our team this year! Get to know them, as well as all of our staff, and say 'Hi!' the next time you visit us at The Pet Beastro.


How did you first hear of The Pet Beastro?

On Facebook a couple of years ago. I also live a just a few miles from the shop!

What is your educational background?

After high school, I went to Ross Medical Education Center to become a Veterinary Assistant.

Do you have animals? If so, what are their names, ages and breeds?

I have 5 dogs and 2 cats.

Dogs: Chloe (Chihuahua, 11), Khiela (Pitbull, 4), Mya (Chihuahua, 11), Bayley (Chihuahua, 5) and Sadie (Havanese, 1)

Cats: Milo (Orange Tabby, 8) and  Cali (Calico, 11 )

Why did you want to work for The Pet Beastro?

I have a passion for learning about more natural ways to help my animals and other animals. Plus, I trust what the staff does here and trust them with my animals' lives.

How is working at The Pet Beastro different than other places you have worked?

Everyone at the store is committed to helping better the lives of their pets and themselves!



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