Our Team Tries: Redbarn Fetcher's Braided Rings

Our Team Tries: Redbarn Fetcher's Braided Rings

We're always on the lookout for great new products that fit Our Promise to offer to you at The Pet Beastro. Recently, one of our team tried out Redbarn's Fetcher's Braided Rings made from beef esophagus and fills us in on how things went at home!

I had the pleasure of offering my pup the chance to try one of Redbarn’s Fetcher's Braided Rings, their beef esophagus treats, recently. I was very excited to take it home because it’s a very different treat and my pup doesn’t get enough treats - in his opinion!

Maybe I should mention before going on about the esophagus, I have a very handsome yellow Lab. He’s 100 pounds of pure baby! He typically can get through “long-lasting chews” fairly quickly. I mean, he’s gone through Redbarn’s 7-inch Braided Bully Sticks within 15 minutes, and that's on a slow day! 

Now back to the esophagus! I knew it wasn’t going to last him long, it’s pretty soft to the touch but it was pretty thick and braided so I had high hopes. I assumed it would take him about five minutes to get through it. When I got home I timed how long it took him to finish it, exactly two minutes.

In the future, I probably won’t get him another one just based on personal preference as I typically get him longer lasting chews to keep him busy. However, I will get them for my Shih Tzu! She’s older and has practically no teeth so I can’t give her harder chews, but I’m always on the hunt for something softer that she actually can chew on. The puffed esophagus would be perfect for her!


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