Our Team Tries: Redbarn Thick-Cut Bully Springs vs. Regular Bullys

Our Team Tries: Redbarn Thick-Cut Bully Springs vs. Regular Bullys

We're trying out some new products here at The Pet Beastro and want to share our take on whether or not thick-cut bully sticks make for a longer chew.

If you have a household full of large breed dogs like myself, I would bet that you have spent upwards of twenty dollars on a dog chew to find that it only lasted and kept your dog occupied for no more than ten minutes. Too often this has happened in my household and I’m sure most of us have experienced something similar. 

This has led to my ongoing search for a long-lasting chew for my dogs that actually lives up to its claims of being long lasting! Having large breed dogs who are also aggressive chewers has left me with few to no options when it comes to finding something affordable that will still occupy their time for more than ten or twenty-minute intervals.

I have experimented with a fair share of bully sticks with both of my dogs lately. Bully sticks are made from beef pizzle, a fibrous muscle that is low in cholesterol yet high in protein, vitamins and minerals. Bully sticks are grain and gluten-free and highly digestible so a great choice for a chew.

We tend to only get the usual few minutes of entertainment or so with a bully stick, though. When I found the new Redbarn Thick Cut Bully Spring, I was optimistic that I might get a longer lifespan with the chew having “Thick” in its name. Thicker must last longer, right?

While it did outlast most of the other chews that I have purchased, I probably only got an extra ten more minutes on top of the twenty minutes that has been the usual chew time. While this does deem itself helpful in a longer lasting chew, I will still be continuing to hunt for a chew that can withstand the roughness that my mastiff and pitbull unleash during their chew time.

We'll continue to share our take on products we've tried here at The Pet Beastro to let you know about new products on the market, how products compare and how best to find the best fit for your pet. Look for Redbarn Thick Cut Bully Springs to arrive at the store in mid-May!


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