Pet Releaf Offers Natural Relief

Pet Releaf Offers Natural Relief

From their Colorado hemp farm to their processing and store support, Pet Releaf provides the highest quality from plant to pet. 

Here at The Pet Beastro, we love Pet Releaf for so many reasons. From their Colorado hemp farm to their processing and store support, Pet Releaf provides the highest quality from plant to pet. 

High Quality And Solid Sourcing

Pet Releaf makes a promise to their customers - that they have complete control over their product, from seed to sale. 

  • 100% of their hemp is grown at their Certified USDA Organic hemp farm, the largest in the United States.
  • They have their very own proprietary strain of PR-33 industrial hemp that is most beneficial for pets.
  • They never use CBD isolates and they never source any ingredients from China.
  • Their farming practices are truly organic as they have to comply with USDA organic farming to keep their certification.

According to, organic standards are as follows, “Overall, organic operations must demonstrate that they are protecting natural resources, conserving biodiversity, and using only approved substances.” In the past, Pet Releaf has teamed up with Horizon Dairy Organics as well as Patagonia using their hemp products in various projects to learn how to better the earth as well as new product launches. Hemp has a variety of uses on our planet and Pet Releaf has a committed team in finding new ways to show the power of hemp.

Why Is The Hemp Plant So Important When Choosing A CBD Product?

Hemp is known as a “bioaccumulator” plant. This type of plant will clean soil as they soak up chemicals and other pollutants and toxins from the ground. When they do this and the plant material is used to make medicine and remedies, these toxins are then transferred to your body or your pet’s body. Therefore, when choosing a hemp product for your pet, it is very important to have a clean source of plant material. Pet Releaf has third-party testing with each and every batch of their products to confirm that toxins, chemicals, and pollutants never make it into their crops or final products as well as guaranteed potency. The third party testing also proves that no chemicals were used in their extraction process.

How Does CBD Work?

CBD stands for cannabidiol which works with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that exists in humans, dogs, cats, and every mammal. The body has receptor sites throughout from your brain to your intestines to your immune system in order to receive the cannabidiol when it enters the body.

Pet Releaf uses full spectrum hemp. This is important because they use the entire plant rather than just compounds, isolates, or concentrated forms of hemp. Full spectrum will allow a full spectrum of CBD into the product. When using full spectrum hemp from Pet Releaf, your pet will not overdose, become stoned, or high as they could with a cannabis form of CBD. Pet Releaf’s full spectrum product has no contraindications with prescribed medications that your pet may already be using.

How Would CBD Benefit My Cat Or Dog?

CBD hemp products are used for a wide variety of reasons that vary from pain management, cancer symptom management, tumors, anxiety, inflammation, arthritis, seizures, controlling nausea, supporting older animals, and the list continues. Most often, we hear from customers that they see results within just a few days of starting CBD products. The feedback we have heard from our customers is that they have seen fewer pain symptoms, reduced tumor size, lessened anxiety, better movement with older animals or animals with severe arthritis, consistent eating habits, lengthened lifespan, lessened neurological symptoms, and overall quality of life. Even healthy pets can benefit from CBD products. With healthy or young pets, it can boost the immune system, reduce inflammation (that may have unknown causes), as well as act as a neuroprotectant. 

Products from Pet Releaf include oils with different potencies, capsules, topical salve, and treats. New products will be coming with treat bars and soft treats in 2019. Next time you're in the store, ask our team about the benefits of CBD products for your pet and check out our variety of available Pet Releaf products in-store and online




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